Introduction to Construction

Want to get into residential or commercial construction? We are now offering a series of classes that will help educate you about terminology, tools, landscaping, painting, flooring and more.

Our classes are $10 each.

Topic Synonym Duration
Essential Construction Tools CNBX-7001 4 hours
Essential Landscaping and Gardening Tools CNBX-7003 4 hours
Basic Laborer CNBX-7008 6 hours
Soil Analysis CNBX-7005 2 hours
The Art of Installing Sod CNBX-7006 4 hours
Construction Worker: Painter Assistant CNBX-7001 6 hours
Construction Measuring and Measurements CNBX-7007 4 hours
Flooring Systems CNBX-7004 6 hours

Note: The webinar will be hosted on the Canvas platform.


Can't attend a live session? No problem, all live sessions will be recorded and available after. Recordings, detailed schedules and other important information for the class will be posted on each course's Canvas page, so make sure you know how to log in!

Webinar Descriptions

Essential Construction Tools (4 hours)

Explore the basic tools, fasteners, and adhesives commonly used in the construction industry. Learn the proper terminology, usage, maintenance, and safety associated with basic construction tools. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify basic tools, describe their uses, maintenance, and safety.
  • Define proper terminology

Topics outline

  • Terminology (1 hour)
  • Basic Tools (2 hours)
  • Fasteners & Adhesives (1 hour)

Essential Landscaping and Gardening Tools (4 hours)

Explore and learn about the basic tools and equipment commonly used in landscaping and gardening.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of what is needed to give lawns and landscapes a professional appearance.
  • Identify basic tools, describe their uses, maintenance, and safety.

Topics Outline

  • Basic tools and equipment (2 hour)
  • Characteristics of a professional lawn or landscape (2 hours)

Basic Laborer (6 hours)

Explore the practical tasks that would help a craftworker and tradesperson on construction sites, such as masons, electricians and carpenters. You will also learn how to clean and clear construction sites using the appropriate tools and safety.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explain practical tasks that would assist a craftworker or tradesperson.
  • Summarize and explain how to clean and clear a construction site using appropriate tools and safety.

Topics outline:

  • Practical tasks (4 hours)
  • Clean and clear (2 hours)

Soils (2 hours)

Come learn the basic soil classification methods and about the different factors that can affect it's classification.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the basic soil classification methods.
  • Identify and describe the factors that can affect a soil's classification

Topics outline

  • Soil classifications (1 hour)
  • Factors and their influence (1 hour)

Laying Sod (4 hours)

Learn about soil preparation, site grading, watering, and the steps required to assist with sod installation.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify factors to consider when selecting sod.
  • Explain how to prepare a site for sod installation.
  • Describe appropriate times and how to install sod.
  • Identify ways to maintain sod after installation.

Topics outline

  • Types of Sod (1 hour)
  • Preparing sod (2 hours)
  • Maintenance (1 hour)

Construction Painter Assistant (6 hours)

Explore the basic tools (e.g. brushes, rollers, and power sprayers) to apply paint, stain, and coatings to surfaces (e.g. walls, buildings, and other structures). You will also learn about the special safety equipment needed. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the basic tools and appropriate uses.
  • Differentiate between paint, stain and coatings and the appropriate use.
  • Explain proper painting techniques.
  • Explain proper safety when painting.

Topics outline

  • Basic tool and supply identification (2 hours)
  • Proper painting techniques (2 hours)
  • Safety (2 hours)

Construction Measuring and Measurements

Learn about standards used in construction along with how these standards apply to measuring simple construction examples. identify alternative ways to measure builder's quantities and estimates and how to apply these standards and techniques to quantify and cost construction work. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the uses of measurement in the local construction industries.
  • Interpret and communicate industry principles and rules for measuring simple construction works.
  • Apply construction methods and measurement principles to produce measurements for simple construction works in accordance with industry principles and rules.

Topics Outline

  • Measuring Standards (1 hour)
  • How to apply measuring stands to construction examples (2 hours) 
  • Identify building estimates and materials (1 hour) 

Flooring Systems (6 hours)

Trying to understand flooring? Discover the major types of flooring (e.g. carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum and laminate), how to select the correct one and how to assist with installation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe different floorings and their characteristics.
  • Describe ways to select the correct flooring for a site.
  • Explain steps to assist with installation.

Topics outline

  • Flooring and their characteristics (4 hours)
  • Instillation assistance (2 hours)

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