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If you are 55+, and you are interested in our Senior Education Program, then you are eligible—regardless of your citizenship or residency.

Registration begins:

  • Fall Term: the first Wednesday in August
  • Spring Term: the first Wednesday in December
  • Summer Term: the first Wednesday in May

New Students

If you are a returning student, skip the apply section and jump down to the register for classes section.

Apply Online

  1. Create an account and complete your application for ApplyTCC. If you don't receive a confirmation acceptance email within 24-48 hours, please contact your local Admissions and Registrar Office.
  2. Complete your application in ApplyTCC
    • In Enrollment Information, choose Continuing Education in the Academic Level drop-down box
    • When prompted to select an entry term, choose the earliest term you might start classes. Your options are:
      • Quarter 1 (September-November)
      • Quarter 2 (December-February)
      • Quarter 3 (March-May)
      • Quarter 4 (June-August)
  3. Submit your application in ApplyTCC
  4. Receive notice of acceptance by email
  5. Receive login credentials by email

What happens next?

Once you receive your login credentials, you can:

  1. Review payment options
  2. Register for classes.

Register for classes

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack.
  2. Go to the Course Catalog module.
  3. Enter the course prefix in the Search for Courses box (EX: SEPX) to view available sections.
  4. Use the filter on the left to select the appropriate term (Ex: CE Qtr 3 2021 Mar-May).
  5. Select View Available Sections for your SEPX desired course.
  6. Remember to add SEPX-1000 Sr. Ed. Program Registration (All Senior Ed students must include this in their registration each semester.)
  7. Select Add Section to Schedule.
    • A pop-up window will appear with additional course section details.
    • Note: You are not yet enrolled at this step.
  8. After reviewing the pop-up information, if this is still the section you want to add, select Add Section. If you wish to continue searching for another section, select
  9. Repeat as needed until you're ready to register.

When you're ready to register,

  1. Find the graduation cap icon and go to Student Planning > Plan & Schedule.
  2. Review your schedule.
  3. Select Register Now.
  4. After you've registered, pay for your classes to complete enrollment.

Refund Policy

You may request a refund in person at the Office of the Registrar. View our refund policy.


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Updated July 06, 2021