CFK Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are arranged alphabetically by course name.

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Acting — CFKX-1300

Explore the basic skills and techniques of acting and display your talents in a final production.

Activity Period — CFKX-1000

Each campus provides a supervised activity period in the morning (before class) and/or in the afternoon (after class). See campus schedules for dates and times.

Admission AM — CFKX-1001

To acquaint students and their parents with the college environment, the services available, and the campus rules.

Admission PM — CFKX-1002

To acquaint students and their parents with the college environment, the services available, and the campus rules.

Art Selfie — CFKX-1302

Create exciting self-portrait art by utilizing different artistic media! Learn how the unique qualities of the various medium in combination with line, color, repetition and balance can be used to add excitement and interest in self-depictions of yourself.


Chemistry — CFKX-1705

Study the general elements of chemistry and their interactions with each other to form compounds. Various chemical reaction experiments will be conducted in class.

Crafty Creations — CFKX-1309

Do you need another gift idea or just something to put on the shelf in your room that says 'YOU'? This course is designed to help you create gifts for yourself and others using common items such as paper, glue, feathers, Styrofoam, beads and other household items of your choice. Be creative, and start your own business, by selling some of these items. Bring your imagination and join in the fun.

Creative Writing — CFKX-1401

Use your creativity to write about your life experiences in letters, journals and articles. Emphasis on using correct voice, person and tense in writing.


Debate — CFKX-1402

Learn to develop and effectively present rational, fact-based arguments on both sides of a selected issue.

Digital Photography — CFKX-1310

Come learn how much fun it can be to take your pictures and see your picture images right away. This course includes use of a digital camera and digital photography software (Photoshop Elements). Learn exciting techniques for manipulating pictures. Learn how to use pictures to make scrapbooks, journals and class presentations.

Digital Scrapbooking — CFKX-1325

Use your imagination and creativity to create a new family treasure. Using acid-free, photo safe supplies, colored paper, pens, stickers, and stencils, you will put together a book that tells a family story.


Forensic Science — CFKX-1710

Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This course focuses on some of the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation

Fractions and Decimals — CFKX-1503

Come review math skills that will allow you to problem solve with fractions, whole numbers and decimals. Fun word problems will assist in understanding these basic math principles.


Golf — CFKX-1610

Come and learn the fundamentals of golf, including proper stance, grip, stroke and playing etiquette. Golf clubs/balls will be provided for use during class.


Ingenious Engineering — CFKX-1808

Course encompasses the exploration of the history and philosophy of engineering. Explore the main elements of engineering concepts, design, and construction. Hands-on activities and demonstrations to experience being an engineer.


Joy of Reading — CFKX-1406

Enjoy various books, poems, and articles that will be specifically selected for your age group. We will review books, identify writing styles, and enhance reading comprehension.


Lego Robotics I — CFKX-1810

Master robotics basics in this fun and creative robotics class. Crush stimulating engineering challenges and master lessons on design, construction and programming logic. Come learn about solving real-world problems in a really fun way!


Mad Scientist — CFKX-1713

Study the fascinating world of science as you conduct experiments and learn the basic concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, botany, meteorology and many other sciences.

Math, Money and Life — CFKX-1508

This class is an experience in math, money and life. Through games, activities and guest speakers, students will use math skills to learn about the many financial responsibilities they will face as they grow into adulthood. The class will review: earning money, managing a household, budgeting, banking and investing, paying taxes, and preparing for careers.

Mixed Bag of Science — CFKX-1714

Real scientists will enjoy this class. Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Physiology, and Ecology are just a few of the science topics covered. Each day a new topic that will quench your thirst for the new, the unusual, and the joy of science.


Poetry in Motion — CFKX-1409

Would you like to explore, play and create with language? Come discover the world of poetry that extends beyond the elements of rhyme alone. Experience creative thinking, self-expression, imagery, and fantasies through several poetic forms. Find enjoyment in poetry by gaining an understanding of and skill in poetic language.

Pre-Algebra — CFKX-1509

This course will build a foundation of algebraic concepts through the use of manipulatives and cooperative learning. Concepts include algebraic expressions, linear equations, polynomials, factoring, inequalities, geometry, statistics and graphing. Problem solving, reasoning, estimation and connections between math and everyday applications will be emphasized throughout Pre-Algebra.


Recreational Games — CFKX-1616

Come join the fun of group games! Challenge your mental and physical abilities with creative missions.


Sign Language, Beginning — CFKX-1415

Introduction to learning non-verbal communication through sign language. This conceptual approach will develop cross-cultural awareness.

Spanish, Beginning — CFKX-1416

This is a course in Spanish Conversation with emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking skills. Activities will be based on vocabulary topics of general student interest and ability.


Tae Kwon Do — CFKX-1623

Tae Kwon Do combines foot and hand movements such as blocks, kicks and strikes into a graceful art form and demanding


Web Designer — CFKX-1815

Learn to develop and maintain a personal Web page on the Internet! The basics of backgrounds, texts, graphics, links and more will be taught to the students so they can create their own home pages. Web page editor will be used.

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