Register for Youth Courses

Are you ready to register?

  • New and returning students must submit a completed summer camp application packet with a current report card (progress reports will not be accepted) before registering online. This packet includes the course selection, student information and orientation page.
  • A grant of petition will be issued once your student's application has been verified. This means your student has been accepted and is ready to register.
  • All students should attempt to log into WebAdvisor at least 48 hours prior to registration to avoid delays due to user name or password error. We have provided a list of steps on how to log into WebAdvisor as a first-time student and as a returning student.

How to Register for Classes

To register for classes,

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack.
  2. Go to the Course Catalog module.
  3. Enter the course prefix in the Search for Courses box (EX: CFKX) to view available sections.
  4. Use the filter on the left to select the appropriate term (Ex: CEE Qtr 3 2021 Mar-May).
  5. Select View Available Sections for your desired course.
  6. Remember to add the Admissions Synonym (Ex: CFKX-1003).
  7. Select Add Section to Schedule.
    • A pop-up window will appear with additional course section details.
    • Note: You are not yet enrolled at this step.
  8. After reviewing the pop-up information, if this is still the section you want to add, select Add Section. If you wish to continue searching for another section, select
  9. Repeat as needed until you're ready to register.

When you're ready to register,

  1. Find the graduation cap icon and go to Student Planning > Plan & Schedule.
  2. Review your schedule.
  3. Select Register Now.
  4. After you've registered, pay for your classes to complete enrollment.

Costs and fees must be paid the day of registration, or all classes will be dropped for non-payment.

Fee Policy

Course prices will vary based on length and type of course.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available to students who make their request in person at Business Services.

Updated January 26, 2023