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South Virtual Transitional Skills Courses

Our next group of courses will be offered in Spring 2022.

South Campus is hosting these virtual courses, but all IDD students are welcome to register.

  • Cost: $5 each
  • Time: 10-11 a.m. on dates scheduled below
  • Delivery Method: In-person

Virtual Courses 

Course Name Date Meeting Day Course Number
Be Friendly! How to make new friends June 1, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17730
Basic Components to Financial Literacy- Part I June 2, 2021 Wednesday GENX-7000-17744
Assertive - Who? Assertiveness June 8, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17732
Basic Components to Financial Literacy- Part II June 9, 2021 Wednesday GENX-7000-17746
The Ball is Out of Bounds! Social Boundaries June 15, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17734
Common Fraud June 16, 2021 Wednesday GENX-7000-17748
I-I-I What Begins with I? - Celebrating Our Individual Differences June 22, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17736
Basic Investments Concepts June 23, 2021 Wednesday GENX-7000-17750
What, Exactly, Are You Trying to Tell Me? Paying Attention to Our Feelings June 29, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17738
Um, Can You Repeat That? - Active Listening July 6, 2021 Tuesday CCPX-7007-17740

Check course availability

  1. Go to MyTCCTrack: Search for Courses & Course Sections—Advanced Search.
  2. Under Term, select a Continuing Education (CE) Term.
    • Example: CE Qtr 3 2021 Mar-May
  3. Under Academic Level, choose Continuing Education.
  4. Select Search.
  5. Use the Filter Results menu to help you narrow your search:
    • Under Availability, choose Open Sections Only to find classes that aren't full.
    • Under Subject, choose a subject to further filter the results.

Register Now!

Register online through MyTCCTrack to secure your place.

If you're new to TCC, follow our instructions on how to apply and register for continuing education courses.


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Updated July 27, 2021