Minorities Professionals Conference

16th Annual Ariel Hunter-Chriss Women- & Minority-Owned Enterprise & Business Professionals Conference

  • TCC Community Education and Engagement
  • South Campus
  • DFW Community Partners

Conference Details

  • Check back with us around December 2021/January 2022 for conference details for 2022.

Register for the 2022 Conference

  1. Download the 2022 Conference Registration Form (PDF).
    • To request an accessible copy of the registration form, please contact Community Education and Engagement by email at so.ce@tccd.edu or by phone at 817-515-4392.
  2. Fill out the Student Information and Payment Information sections
    • Leave the Student ID blank if you do not have one or if you do not know it.
  3. Submit Registration Form to the South Campus Admissions & Registrar Office

About the Conference

This conference is part of our South Campus celebration of National Entrepreneurship Month.


The Minorities Professionals Conference provides leadership strategies and tools for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to manage career challenges created by diversified and global competition.

Conference Goals

  • Build a strong workforce of educated, empowered leaders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.
  • Provide relevant professional development strategies and opportunities.
  • Build strategic alliances with DFW professional organizations, corporations, higher learning institutions and local communities.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and encourage new business development.
  • Cultivate and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Increase community awareness and visibility of services and business in a diverse marketplace.


South Campus

Community Education and Engagement

Updated January 21, 2023