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Dance, Music & Theater

For Adults

We offer adult classes in:

  • Choir music
  • Community choir
  • Different types of dance
  • Drama
  • Instrumental music 
  • Percussion
  • Preparatory piano (children and adults)
  • Special ensemble
  • String ensemble
  • Theater

You will also find many dance, drama and music classes offered through the academic credit departments that are open to a limited number of CEE students.

For Children

We also offer children's preparatory piano classes on Northeast Campus.

These classes include a required group lab and end-of-semester recital. Permission from program coordinator required.

View class availability

  1. Login to MyTCCTrack.
  2. Select the Course Catalog module.
  3. Select the Advanced Search tab.
  4. Select the appropriate term (example: CE Qtr 3 2021 Mar-May).
  5. Choose a Subject from the pull-down menu and click submit.
  6. Under each course listed will be a link that says View Available Sections. Click on that link to find a list of sections for your selected subject/course.

Enroll in a Dance, Music or Theater course.


Northeast Campus

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Northwest Campus

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South Campus

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Southeast Campus

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Trinity River Campus

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Updated February 22, 2021