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Senior Education Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are arranged alphabetically by section course number. See below for Senior Education (SEPX) courses.

Computer Courses

SEPX-4001 ASC: Photo Imaging with Scanners

Learn how to use a scanner and manipulate photographs. Instruction is given on the computer as an electronic darkroom. Topics include color, grayscale, and image presentation.

SPEX-4002 ASC: Computer Basics

This course is designed for those who have little or no experience with a computer. Emphasis is on the basic understanding of the microcomputer, the components, operating system, and common applications.

SPEX-4003 ASC: Mobile Handheld Devices

The course will provide an overview of the features and usage of handheld devices including mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, GPS devices, and handheld audio players (mp3 players). The course is a combination of lecture and hands-on practical experience with handheld devices.

SPEX-4004 ASC: MS Access, Beginning

An introduction to database concepts including: Program parameters, data dictionary, optional field characteristics, calculations, constant default values, data entry form design, database organization, and report generation. It is recommended students have a familiarity with Windows before taking. Knowledge of other Microsoft application courses is extremely helpful.

SPEX-4005 ASC: Computer Maintenance

Tired of hauling your computer into the shop when things go wrong? Tired of depending on geek friends? Learn basic computer maintenance, repair and upgrade. We have machines for you to work on. Prerequisites: ASC: Computer Concepts and ASC: Windows, Beginning.

SPEX-4006 ASC: Saving Memories Digitally

Use smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices to record and preserve life memories. Learn what equipment to use, alternatives methods of preservation, and techniques for recording stories and images.

SPEX-4007 ASC: Foundations of Gnlgy Res.

A genealogical research class with an overview of general genealogical principles, goals, and ethics, including researching for successful results. The class will focus on four primary skill-building areas: Problem solving, research design, evidence evaluation, and documentation. Using online tools, visit different websites and use software programs to emphasize further family history development.

SPEX-4008 ASC: Introduction to MS Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet application from Microsoft that allows you to keep track of numbers, inventory, and lists. This is an introductory lesson to get you started with this powerful program.

SPEX-4012 ASC: Microsoft Word I

This course is an introduction to MS Word. You will learn how to use basic components such as editing functions and formatting.

SPEX-4016 ASC: Keyboarding

Introduction to basic personal computer keyboarding. Become familiar with the microcomputer keyboard, develop basic keyboarding (typewriting) and beginning composition skills. Prerequisites: None.

SPEX-4017 ASC: Computers and You, Introductory

Find out how computers work and what they can do. Basic introductory course covering computer components and a look at the Windows operating system. The course will include lecture, demonstration, keyboarding and mouse practice. Prerequisite: None.

SPEX-4019 ASC: Genealogy on the PC

Introduction to researching and recording your family history using personal computer software such as Family Tree Maker. Learn to capture details about your family and produce electronic reports and charts to share with others. Students are expected to have an understanding of basic computer components and proficiency with Windows.

SPEX-4020 ASC: Home Digital Photography

Introduction to digital cameras, manipulating images using graphics software, and creating photograph albums on a PC. Students are expected to understand basic computer components and be proficient in using Windows.

SPEX-4024 ASC: Editing Digital Photos

Learn how to bring out the best in your photos with easy-to-use tools plus how to instantly download photos from your camera or card and quickly view and organize them. Recommended Prerequisites: Working knowledge of computers and MS Windows.

SPEX-4027 ASC: MS PowerPoint, Beginning

This course is for beginners with limited to no experience using PowerPoint software. You will learn to create electronic and visual presentations for various purposes.

SPEX-4028 ASC: MS PowerPoint, Intermediate

This course is for intermediate level students with some experience using PowerPoint software. You will learn to create and modify presentations complete with slides, charts and special effects.

Senior Education Courses

SEPX-1000 Sr. Ed. Program Registration

All students participating in the Senior Education Program must register in this course each semester. The fee associated with this course is for administration cost. Some additional courses may have lab or material fees associated.

SEPX-1015 A Matter of Balance

This course will look to help seniors with their balance and help eliminate/ reduce injuries due to falls.

SEPX-1025 Bee Keeping

Introduction to small-scale beekeeping. Topics will include benefits of bees and bee life cycle, common equipment, different types of hives, diseases and parasites of bees, managing problems in the hive, nectar flow and 'supering', swarming, products of the hive, harvesting and extracting honey, and beekeeping challenges.

SEPX-1027 Journaling: Conversations With Yourself

People journal for a number of reasons: to clarify their own thinking, to help them remember their lives, to deepen their spiritual path, to explore the world around them. People journal for no better reason than it makes them feel better, or think more clearly, or understand themselves more fully. We'll learn a variety of journaling techniques that will give you new insights into your own uniqueness and help you see the past and the future more clearly.

SEPX-1030 Senior Advisory Council

This course is used to maintain an active roster of Advisory Council members.

SEPX-1034 Likeable Law

An overview of famous and pivotal cases. Explains negligence, contracts, marital and business law on a layman’s basis. Shows how law changes with the times and how law and politics both clash and compliment each other.

SEPX-1045 French I (Basic)

Learn French and let the process be fun. There is no set speed, you set the pace. The course will include the basics of French: nouns, verbs and building your vocabulary and reading practices, such as menus, newspaper clippings, advertisements, and so forth.

SEPX-1047 Investments

Learn the basics of investing in an easy understandable way: what the different investments are, how they work, types of returns, how to review your own investments and ways to reach financial well being.

SEPX-1050 Digital Cameras

Thinking of buying and using a digital camera? This course will help you to select the appropriate camera and how to use it. For additional skills in digital photography, be sure to sign up for the Scanners class which will immediately follow this one. Textbook: None. Prerequisite: None.

SEPX-1051 Books of The Bible

A historical and chronological sequence of events as written in a selected biblical book. The Bible will be read literally. Each semester will focus on highlights of a particular book of the Bible. The course is non-denominational in focus.

SEPX-1059 US Civics

The US Constitutional form of government was and continues to be based on the premise that a government derives its power from the people, for the people. Come learn about governmental law structure, responsibilities of a good citizen, the role of a citizen, and the historical progression of government.

SEPX-1062 History of The Holy Land

A history of the Holy Land including attention to its current politics and policies and their importance in the world.

SEPX-1068 Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball is a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, table tennis & volleyball. It is played on a court with a hard paddle & a wiffle ball. Come learn the latest in physical fitness for seniors! This course is easy on the knees.

SEPX-1069 Movie Genres: The Classics

This course is designed to be a journey through the world of film to gain an informed opinion and make enjoyment of the film medium deeper. Each film in this class was chosen because it showcases a specific genre and/or was innovative or important in the history of film development.

SEPX-1071 Ceramics for Seniors

Basic ceramic processes; this course is for individuals who want to learn how to create ceramic objects.

SEPX-1072 Photography Gallery

This class will provide the skills to be able to transcend your digital photographs into an archival work of art to be shared with others and proudly be displayed on your Wall. You will learn to dry mount your art, be able to cut and to frame your print, and then be able to provide a finishing touch, by framing, with glass, mat, mounted print and papered with a wire hanger. Finally, you will create a fully functional clock imprinted on your photograph to share as a gift.

SEPX-1073 Learn to Read Music

Introduction to chord progressions, song forms, and harmonic techniques used in commercial music. Topics include modern chord notation and chord voicings.

SEPX-1080 Crocheting

Beginning and advanced instruction. Bring one (1) skein of knitting worsted yarn and a size ‘H’ hook to class.

SEPX-1082 Retirement 101

Processes to identify retirement needs, develop strategies to prepare for and live the retirement life you want; trade-offs between risk and return, portfolio transition, and tax treatments of specific account types; discussion on topics such as Social Security, Medicare, life insurance, and estate planning.

SEPX-1083 History of World Regions

Provides an overview of the history of different world regions and countries including geographical, cultural, social, political, and economic features; will focus on unique aspects and activities of the region in various periods of time. A different region, country, or period may be studied each program session.

SEPX-1085 Fly Fishing Skills

This class will feature discussion of all topics pertaining to fly fishing, to include current events. Students will be expected to have some fly-fishing experience. Each fly-fishing topic will be discussed and explored to the interest level of the students. Students should expect significant 'hands-on' experience with knots, rigging, fly tying, and casting. At least four class sessions will be devoted to fly tying, with focus on the dry fly, the nymph fly, streamer patterns, and bass flies.

SEPX-1092 Color Me Calm & Restful

Adult coloring for relaxation.

SEPX-1093 Healthy Living w/ Essential Oils

Learn how to use essential oils for health and wellness.

SEPX-1094 Planning Your Funeral

Learn how to plan your own funeral and why it is important.

SEPX-1098 Survey of Botanical Illustration

Learn to appreciate the science and art of botanical illustration. In this class, you will learn the history of herbals and plant material used for medicine, the simple botanical structure of plants, and the history of plant drawings. You will learn basic art design using pencil, paper, and watercolor pencils to create your personal artwork. Guest teachers from Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) will enhance the experience.

SEPX-1099 The Art of Storytelling

Use the lifetime treasure of your own experience and wisdom to energize your brain as you explore communication methodology through storytelling and active listening. Verbally communicate with effectiveness and respect to articulate ideas, thoughts, and dialogues describing events, human emotions, behaviors, and senses through storytelling.

SEPX-1101 Karaoke

Sing your favorite songs in front of perfect strangers and friends, join this class full of seniors who just want to have fun entertaining.

SEPX-1102 Writing Music

Students who are proficient in music reading will learn to write a piece of music; anything from pop music to symphony. The class will introduce necessary skills such as basic music theory, how to identify and notate musical structure and sounds heard either audibly or in the mind's ear, principles of music calligraphy, and computer music notation programs. Look at music from a multi-disciplinary perspective incorporating history, language, art, aesthetics and creativity.

SEPX-1104 Water Polo for Seniors

An introduction to the rules and skills involved in the sport of water polo. The class will build skills to practice and compete as teams. Students must be capable swimmers and comfortable in water while wearing a float belt.

SEPX-1160 Senior Ed. Council/Instructor List

This course is used to maintain an active roster of Senior Education Instructors.

SEPX-1202 Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Introduction of the Chinese official language, Mandarin, to speakers of other languages. This course will explore Chinese culture and traditions focusing on the importance of the language in understanding the culture.

SEPX-1223 Genealogy, Beginning

This course will help you understand the various resources available for researching your family history.

SEPX-1250 Oil Painting, Intermediate

This class is for you if you have had all the basic training but are not ready to go into an advanced class.

SEPX-1251 Oil Painting, Advanced

After refreshing the skills of polishing and completing details, this class will advance to developing a personal technique. The student will learn about cutting edge equipment, paints and techniques. Plein Air painting will be introduced and encouraged through learning to paint landscapes, seascapes, or cityscapes.

SEPX-1340 Belly Dancing for Seniors

The belly dance is an ancient and beautiful art form that lends grace, style, form and technique to the dancer and fitness enthusiast. It is a different, fun and amazing workout!

SEPX-1380 African History, Culture, Events

Explore the past, present, and future of African-American history, its people, challenges, diversity, culture, religion, politics and current events.

SEPX-1390 Workshop for Seniors

This course is an offering of variable mini workshops for seniors. Topics and hours will vary each semester.

SEPX-1460 Out and About

Our area is blessed with many treasures to see and experience as this class will show. Museums and other places of regional interest are planned for this semester. Come, explore and enjoy!

SEPX-1470 Mah Jongg Chinese Tile Game

Teaching rules and strategies for playing this ancient Chinese game which has been Americanized.

SEPX-1481 Personal Safety & Self Defense

This course is designed to provide practical safety and awareness tips as it pertains to an awareness of the environment while going about daily activities. In addition effective, easy to learn, and practical self defense techniques will be presented.

SEPX-1483 Personal Safety & Self Defense II

Continuing from Personal Safety & Self Defense I, this course is designed to provide a continuation of practical safety and awareness tips as it pertains to awareness of the surrounding environment while going about daily activities. In addition this course will provide effective, easy to learn and practical self defense techniques. Prerequisite: SEPX-1481: Personal Safety & Self-Defense.

SEPX-1510 New Testament

A study of Christian history, precepts and principles as found in the New Testament focusing on the practical attitudes to adopt for effective Christian living.

SEPX-1520 Bridge, Intermediate

For students who have an understanding of playing and bidding strategy. Learn how to play bridge well even when you hold bad cards. Learn opening leads, when to hold up, use of signals, how to promote tricks, and other defense strategies.

SEPX-1640 Psychology Can Be Fun

Have fun learning practical psychology to deal with everyday problems.

SEPX-1680 Exercise for Seniors

A full workout designed for the mature adult at Southwest Community Center (SWCC) and Highland Hills Community Center (HHCC). The SWCC class meets Mondays and Thursdays; the HHCC class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. A physical checkup is recommended before starting any exercise class. The City of Fort Worth requires a $10 ID that is good for one year. ID may be obtained at the centers.

SEPX-1880 Pinochle

Remember this game? Learn or relearn the strategies of bidding, playing and melding, in Double Deck Pinochle. This card game is a little more complicated than Hearts, but not nearly as complicated as Bridge. Join the fun.

SEPX-1900 Creative Mixed Media

This is a fun and exciting art experience in mixed water media. The course will cover concepts of basic design, painting without a brush, using objects found in art works and employing papers for interesting collage. This is an opportunity to release the creative spirit and explore abstract and non-objective art.

SEPX-1911 U.S. Civil War

Was the U.S. Civil War fought to free slaves? Was it fought for states' rights?  Was it found to preserve the Union? Learn the causes, personalities, major campaigns and battles that decided the conflict, realigned and forever changed the United States.

SEPX-2040 Introduction to Quilting

Introductory class on using new methods of rotary cutting, mats and rulers. Class is strongly recommended before taking Easy and Advanced Quilting.

SEPX-2050 Quilting, Easy

Continue to use rotary cutter and mat with easy and fun patterns. Portable sewing machine optional.

SEPX-2070 Forty-Two, Introduction (10)

Forty-Two is a trick-taking game played with dominoes. This is an introductory course designed for students to learn rand and suit of dominoes, how to bid, scoring and variations. Come learn the strategy and lore of the game!

SEPX-2160 Racquetball for Seniors

For all levels of players- beginner to advanced. Rules and basic court strategy will be covered. Requires running, jumping, stretching, bending, looking and listening.

SEPX-2220 Beaded Jewelry

Get started making beautiful beaded jewelry. Learn tools, techniques and design principles to make your own custom-crafted jewelry. Tools will be provided for your use in class. Supply list handed out during the first class.

SEPX-2250 A Walk in The Park

Enjoy outdoor walks? Learn to identify plants and trees. Most of the classes will be spent in nearby parks and natural areas learning the names and natural history of native plants and trees.

SEPX-2260 Square Dance

Learn the 49 basic movements of square dancing in a relaxed and fun environment. Each student must have an opposite sex partner. (Available singles may be matched as partners.)

SEPX-3120 Bridge, Beginning

Designed for folks with little or no experience in Bridge. Have fun while you learn.

SEPX-3140 Vibrant Health and Longevity

Good health is no accident - give the body what it needs! Topics for this study include: nutrition dos and don’ts, supplements (vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients), exercise, weight control and more.

SEPX-3230 Paint for Fun

If you think you are not quite top-drawer quality as an artist, but want to improve, bring your oils, acrylics, and/or watercolors and have fun with us as we learn.

SEPX-3260 All Things Texan

This class will explore different slices of Texas history, taking a look at the many aspects of the rich history of this big, bold state. Topics will vary.

SEPX-3261 All Things American

A complete body workout using buoyancy and water resistance. No swimming skills are required, but since this is a fast-paced rigorous hour, students should be physically able to participate fully to reap the fitness benefits.

SEPX-3340 Water Exercise

A complete body workout using buoyancy and water resistance. No swimming skills are required, but since this is a fast-paced rigorous hour, students should be physically able to participate fully to reap the fitness benefits.

SEPX-3390 Piano I

Learn how to ‘tickle the ivories’ in this beginning piano course. Learn to play in a group environment.

SEPX-3550 Knitting

Learn basic stitches. Beginning and advanced students are welcome. Bring one skein of knitted worsted yarn, one ball of Sugar ‘N’ Cream cotton yarn and thread, and two pairs of short size 8 and 10 needles.

SEPX-3640 Cliburn Concert Series

The Cliburn Concerts presented by the Van Cliburn Foundation feature outstanding international instrumentalists. As a TCC Senior Ed student, you receive significant savings on tickets to each Cliburn Concert Series performance. There is a fee payable to Cliburn Concerts in addition to the $20.00 Senior Ed registration fee.

SEPX-3690 Tennis

Learn basic tennis strokes, proper racquet grip, and score keeping.

SEPX-3710 Weight Training

An individual program will be set up for each student. Learn to warm up and cool down properly, develop muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. A physical checkup is recommended before starting any exercise class.

SEPX-3820 Lap Swimming for Seniors

This course is designed to build stamina by swimming 35 consecutive laps in an hour and thirty minutes.

SEPX-3900 Horticulture in The Metroplex

Learn about soils, which plants are right for our area, when to water, where to plant, and so many more important items. Taught by master gardeners of the Tarrant County area.

SEPX-5010 Oil Painting I

Instruction in the use of oil- and water-based acrylic paints for all levels of ability with the goal of completed compositions. Students will provide their own materials. A list of supplies and ordering/purchasing information will be provided.

SEPX-5020 Classic Movies

Escape to the Golden Age of Hollywood with Bogie and Bacall, Hepburn, Cary Grant and a multitude of other wonderful stars. Let us not forget ‘The Thin Man’ series with William Powell and Myrna Loy. They were great.

SEPX-5030 German, Beginning

Learn the basics of German language for conversation. Topics include alphabet, pronunciation and common phrases for tourists.

SEPX-5050 Creative Writing 1

This class teaches you how to write your family history for your own pleasure. Learn the elements of writing poems and prose, sample your own abilities of fiction, and learn how to be creative as well as interesting.

SEPX-5060 Pool and Billiards

Learn the rules, use and care of equipment, shots and strategies associated with the game of pool and/or billiards.

SEPX-5170 Piano II

This is a continuation of Piano I for the more experienced player. Prerequisite: Piano I. SEPX-3390

SEPX-5171 Piano III

Students apply learned skills accenting individual repertoire and performance experience.

SEPX-5190 Quilting, Advanced

Must have knowledge of rotary cutting and mat. Some hand sewing and some by machine. Portable sewing machine optional.

SEPX-5300 Forty-two; Intermediate

This class is for experienced '42' players who know the fundamentals of bidding, following suit, trumps, and have played frequently. This class is for the individual who has been playing '42' and is up to date with terminology and enjoys competition. You will enjoy learning winning keys to give you an advanced playing system to enhance your winning '42' games.

SEPX-5370 Line Dance

Come dance with us in an exercise program that’s fun. The music is good, and you don’t need a partner.

SEPX-5400 Woodcarving

Come and learn the cooperation between you and the fibers of a tree. You will learn to approach wood with a new understanding and respect.

SEPX-5410 Brazilian Embroidery

Stitch a Brazilian embroidery floral design using special threads, needles and stitches.

SEPX-5420 Spanish As a Second Language

For advanced students who wish to increase their ability to communicate effectively and accurately in Spanish. Participants are recommended to have four semesters of Spanish or the equivalent experience.

SEPX-5460 Oil Painting for Fun

If you think you are not quite top-drawer quality as an artist, but want to improve your skills, this is the class for you. Pick your medium. Students will provide their own materials. Instructor will provide a list of supplies.

SEPX-5490 Gardening in North Central Texas

A course with emphasis on assisting the beginner and intermediate home gardener. Topics include plant selection and care of turf, vegetables, trees and shrubs. The sources of gardening information with organic and nonorganic approaches will be presented. Taught by Tarrant County Master Gardeners.

SEPX-5600 Symphony Experience

Attend performances of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. A pre-talk of the program will be given one hour prior to the performance. (See Important Notes and Policy Information about arrangements for attending.)

SEPX-5650 Drawing and Sketching

This class is for those who are interested in improving existing skills. Bring pencil, pens and paper to first class.

SEPX-5680 Yoga for Seniors

Would you like to improve your flexibility, lower your blood pressure, and feel better mentally and physically? If you would, then give yourself the gift of yoga. Class sessions are divided into yoga postures, relaxation, meditation and group discussions.

SEPX-5940 Stage Experience

Stage Experience provides the opportunity to attend four of Tarrant County’s best theaters. In addition to many thought provoking productions and comedies at Stage West, Casa Manana’s musicals and Circle Theatre’s comedies and dramas are part of our entertainment offerings. As a TCC Senior Ed student, you receive significant savings on tickets to plays at all four theaters. Each Stage Experience production requires a fee payable at the theater in addition to the $20.00 Senior Ed registration fee.

SEPX-6000 Senior Education Orientation

This course is the orientation for the Senior Education program. Please refer to the campus page in the printed Senior Education catalog for meeting date/time information.

SEPX-7020 Crochet and Knitting

Learn the basic stitches: chain, double crochet, triple crochet, etc. Learn to read the instruction sheets. Perhaps make two simple projects. Advanced students will make other interesting projects. Knitting instructions will be offered.

SEPX-7060 Spanish I

Learn Spanish in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. The beginning course introduces the basics of Spanish: nouns, verbs, articles and building vocabulary. Individual participation is encouraged.

SEPX-7120 Tai Chi II

Knowledge of Tai Chi I required. Tai Chi is slow, graceful, and designed to improve health, balance, circulation, and reduce stress. The final moves of Tai Chi Yang form will be taught.

SEPX-7130 Spanish II

Continuation of Level I includes more in-depth study of the language, development of skills, speaking, understanding and reading. Individual participation is encouraged. Some knowledge of basic Spanish language skills is required.

SEPX-7210 Civil War

The last medieval and the first modern war. This class will cover some people you may not know, tales you may not have heard, and facts and oddities of this strange, romantic, brutal war that has fascinated people for more than 100 years.

SEPX-7290 Piano Practice

This is an open lab concept for students who are enrolled in Piano I and Piano II.

SEPX-7390 Physical Fitness for Seniors

Flexibility is a key to vitality and good health. This mildly aerobic, no-impact workout emphasizes stretching and some strength-building routines along with deep breathing.

SEPX-7410 Forgotten Heroes

In this class you will discover the lesser-known individuals in United States history. These individuals do not appear in textbooks or in mainstream history courses. They are truly the ‘Forgotten Heroes.’

SEPX-7540 Spanish Conversation, Beginning

Learn Castilian Spanish. Travel with us and Raquel as we go to Mexico City; to Seville and Madrid in Spain; Buenos Aries in Argentina and San Juan in Puerto Rico in search of Angel, the son of don Fernando. A grand adventure while learning to speak, think and read Castilian Spanish.

SEPX-7550 Spanish Conversation, Advanced

Learn Castilian Spanish. Travel with us and Raquel as she returns to Mexico City with the results of her search (busqueda) for Angel, the son of don Fernando. A grand adventure while learning to speak, think, and read Castilian Spanish.

SEPX-7620 Ballroom Dance

Basic ballroom dancing will be taught plus a variety of dances.

SEPX-7780 Cook with Seasoned Friends

Try new tastes, modify favorite recipes as well as swap recipes and share techniques, and insights with cooks who consider themselves 'oldies but goodies.'  A guaranteed good time.

SEPX-7800 Philosophy

A review of the metaphysics of epistemology and ethics and political philosophy of early western philosophers from Thales to Descartes. Class discussion will be a part of each session.

SEPX-7820 Wire Wrap Jewelry

Learn how to use wire and stones to make jewelry. Student will furnish own supplies. Instructor will supply list of tools needed at first class.

SEPX-7980 Golf

Learn golfing basics as a beginner, or review them as an experienced player. Student provides own equipment. One off-site game at a golf course.

SEPX-9070 Sign Language I

Learn the basic signs, manual alphabet, colors, people and animals.

SEPX-9080 Watercolor Painting

This class is designed for the beginning and intermediate water colorist. Students furnish all supplies. A range of subjects will be covered and demonstrations given. Color mixing and composition emphasized. Individuality stressed. 20 hours.

SEPX-9270 Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a program designed to reduce stress, tone muscle, improve balance, and eliminate illness. It is gentle, relaxing, and provides all benefits of exercise. Beginning class will be taught the first 14 moves of the Yang Style form.

SEPX-9370 Art Museum Tours

Take guided tours through Fort Worth’s splendid art museums and galleries. Enjoy European, Asian and American paintings and sculptures at the Kimbell, Amon Carter and Modern Art Museums, as well as fine contemporary art shows in outstanding galleries. A small fee may be charged for special exhibitions as they come up. Coordinator will inform student of dates and locations for each tour.

SEPX-9400 Water Aerobics

This course includes various exercises designed to increase and maintain the heart rate in the proper training zone. Jogging patterns, flutter kicking, and various aerobic movements are used, combined with arm variations. Specific muscle groups are worked against the water’s resistance to improve muscle tone.

SEPX-9871 German, Intermediate

Course designed for students wishing to build on knowledge in the German language, for travelers to Germany, or for simple conversation.

SEPX-9990 Line Dance, Beginning

Come dance with us in a dance exercise program that’s fun. The music is good, and you don’t need a partner.

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