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Math Resources

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  • Adventures in Math: Find math lessons and activities that teach you math skills while helping you understand finance (for grades k–8 ).
  • Cool Math Games: Check out these fun math games that focus on what you are learning in school.
  • iGameMom—IXL: Learn math skills by playing fun math games (pre-k–12).
  • Interactive Math Glossary: Use this interactive vocabulary page to find out what confusing math terms mean!
  • Khan Academy: Find lesson for every student and every classroom from this nonprofit whose mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Streaming Resources

Free—Paid Subscription Not Required

  • Vihart: Check out Vi Hart’s videos for fun ways to explore math and the arts!
  • Numberphile: Explore videos about numbers with Brady Haran.



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Updated April 03, 2020