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You are welcome to browse through the library or bookstore if you choose to stay on campus. Perhaps, you may wish to sign up for a CEE course yourself. During the camp parents are not permitted to attend class with their student. 

Check with your campus CEE office to see if there is a scheduled show-and-tell time.

Lunch Period

Only students with full-day schedules are allowed on campus during the supervised lunch period. All other students must be picked up after the morning session.

Unsupervised Students

Please make sure your student is not dropped off earlier than 15 minutes before the first class. Your student will not be supervised before or after the sessions if they are not registered for the activity periods. Students will not be allowed to wait (between classes or to be picked up) unattended in the gym, library, student center, classrooms, office buildings, or on campus grounds.

Updated October 23, 2019