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TCC will follow all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local guidelines to determine the delivery of mode of the S.T.A.R. Program for future program offerings.

STAR will resume once we are able to resume our face-to-face delivery of programming.

Please check back for frequent updates as more information becomes available. 

What is the S.T.A.R. Program?


(Students Trained And Ready)

TCC Community Education & Engagement partners with Fort Worth Independent School District to provide an enrichment training environment for students who may desire to seek employment upon finishing high school. This program focuses on students with learning disabilities who may learn better outside the traditional classroom.


Lessons include moderately paced training modules aimed at preparing you for the workplace. Classes meet Monday-Thursday. Cost is $390.

What you will learn in these modules


A basic overview of commonly used Microsoft software applications including but not limited to MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Communication Skills

A detailed study of the various communication styles and techniques to develop successful workplace behavior and effective communication with others.

Career Search

A detailed look at entry-level jobs and skills required to succeed in the work world; a review of self-employed careers promoting personal creativity and independence.

Personal Finance

An emphasis on understanding credit, personal finance and the economic catalysts of American society.

How you will learn

Everyone has the ability to learn. The S.T.A.R. Program encourages you to learn about yourself by discovering what may interest you. You will attend live demonstrations about some of the topics above. These may include:

  • Specialized training focused on students with disabilities
  • Presentations by subject matter experts
  • Field trips to gain hands-on experience in real-life situations
  • Guest speakers relevant to topics addressed in the classroom
  • Job fairs to gain experience in interviewing and networking

Applying what you learned in the workplace

You will learn how develop these transferable work skills in your next job.

Social and Life Skills

Focus: Develop critical life skills that will enable you to survive independently and meet the challenges of daily life with confidence.

Interpersonal Development

Focus: Understand personalities and how to interact with others.

Social Behavior

Focus: Review values that promote healthy relationships with others and develop healthy lifestyles and wellness through diet and exercise.

Current Events and Cultural Diversity

Focus: Discuss current headlines of today’s American society and government, the economy and the diversity of people in America.

These studies reinforce individual values and encourage embracing the differences in others to achieve a successful work life.


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Updated October 13, 2020