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Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are arranged alphabetically by course name.

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The 3-Rs — CFKX-1622

Beginning skills of reading, writing and arithmetic will be taught.

3D Modeling for Video Games — CFKX-1800

Students will learn the basic skills involved with working and navigating the digital workspace to create 3D objects. This is a beginners course that introduces the development of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating.


Acting — CFKX-1300

Explore the basic skills and techniques of acting and display your talents in a final production.

Adventures in Paleontology — CFKX-1700

An in-depth look at prehistoric times will be the focus of this exciting, hands-on class. The course will include the study of geology, era classifications, dinosaurs and archaeology.

Advertising Agency Competition — CFKX-1100

All businesses are faced with a multitude of choices when it comes to advertising, but which is the right one? Participants will be able to effectively design, place, and evaluate advertising in a competitive environment.

Algebra — CFKX-1500

This course uses a conceptual approach. The algebraic method is viewed as a problem-solving tool. Through the use of math teasers, students can apply acquired skills to real world situations. Equations, ratios, variables and expressions, simplifying and combining inequalities will be studied.

Animals and Bugs — CFKX-1701

Learn about Texas animals and bugs while exploring animals from around the world.

Architecture- Design, Draw & Build — CFKX-1101

Architecture is the art of imagining space, then building around it. Any kid can become an architect - Simple drawings and simple materials can open a new world for a child's imagination to grow in. From simple boxes to elaborate towers, like childhood, architecture is a growth process.

Art Sculpture — CFKX-1301

Create 3-D artworks by combining traditional and unusual art materials.

Art Selfie CFK: Art "Selfie" — CFKX-1302

Create exciting self-portrait art by utilizing different artistic media! Learn how the unique qualities of the various medium in combination with line, color, repetition and balance can be used to add excitement and interest in self depictions of yourself.

Astronomy — CFKX-1702

Discover the wonders of the universe! Become familiar with the stars, the constellations and their myths, and other galactic wonders.

Atoms! — CFKX-1703

Discover the world of atoms and atomic physics! Learn how nuclear power works! Learn about atoms, what they are made of, how they work, and how we use them.

AutoCAD, Beginning — CFKX-1801

This is an introductory course to the basic two-dimensional operations of computer-aided design and drawing using the AutoCAD software. This course is designed for children.


Banking Is — CFKX-1102

Many young people are making their own money from chores and running small businesses. Keeping track of and spending your money requires special care. The class will discuss what happens to your money when you put it in the bank. It will cover what is credit and where you get it. The class will review on-line banking and how to avoid identity theft. This class will help students learn about banks, budgets, and managing money so that you can be MONEY SMART!

Basketball — CFKX-1600

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of basketball. Emphasis will be on development and improvement of shooting, passing, dribbling, individual offense, defense and rebounding. Please wear tennis shoes with socks.

Blast Off — CFKX-1704

Join us as we play our way through an introductory understanding of physics by creating, building and racing our own boats and cars. Students will also build and launch model rockets and explore the far reaches of space.

Body Fusion — CFKX-1601

A group exercise class that will incorporate pop music with various trendy aerobic formats made easy that will alternate with core moves. Have lots of fun enhancing your fitness skills, energizing your body, and strengthening your powerhouse!

Boot Camp — CFKX-1602

Move, Groove and Workout with a variety of Boot Camp exercises. This workout is fun, helps build muscle, strength and endurance, while keeping your body fit.

Brain Busters — CFKX-1501

Gain knowledge of problem-solving skills through analogies, logic problems, plexers, and other puzzles and games.

Broadcast Announcing — CFKX-1104

Improve your speaking voice and learn about radio announcing, commercial voice-overs, sports announcing, and broadcast anchor work.


Cake Decorating and More — CFKX-1200

This advanced cooking class is for those who have previously taken a College for Kids cooking course. Students will decorate cakes and be introduced to gourmet cooking.

Calligraphy — CFKX-1303

Learn calligraphy and create works of art! This course is an introduction to basic calligraphy skills.

Camp Chorus — CFKX-1304

A repertoire of musical arrangements and songs will be taught. Students will experience the fellowship derived through the companionship of other students as they create an effective and enjoyable presentation of melodies that will be presented at the close of the camp. If you love music and love to sing, join the Camp Chorus.

Cartooning — CFKX-1305

Based on the study of existing cartoons, students will develop original characters. Caricature will be studied in addition to idea development.

Ceramics, Beginning — CFKX-1306

Bring your creativity to produce original, handcrafted ceramics that you can take home and show off!

Cheer/Drill — CFKX-1603

In this fast-paced, lively class, you will explore cheer and drill team skills, stage presence, and performance techniques. Come learn a fun, choreographed routine to perform!

Cheerleading — CFKX-1604

This class will help you develop innovative cheers, choreography, new stunts, and sideline pep rally routines. Skill development may include drill, dance, and flag.

Chemistry — CFKX-1705

Study the general elements of chemistry and their interactions with each other to form compounds. Various chemical reaction experiments will be conducted in class.

Chess — CFKX-1605

The basic moves in chess are easy; the hard part is developing a winning strategy. This takes concentration, planning, logic, a lot of practice, and a little luck. Do YOU have what it takes to be the next Chess Champion?

Chess, Advanced — CFKX-1606

Checkmate! This course is for the intermediate to advanced player. Game fundamentals are reviewed and in-depth strategies for tournament play will be taught.

Choose and Care for Pets — CFKX-1105

Caring for a pet can be a satisfying life experience. You will learn how to choose the right pet. A variety of pets will be discussed. Learn how to be a responsible pet owner. GENX-5000

Computer Animation — CFKX-1802

Start learning to create moving images with Microsoft's graphic software PowerPoint. This class will begin your path to learning computer animation that is used in films, television shows, video games, and advertisements.

Computer Strategy Games — CFKX-1803

Have fun playing exciting strategy games and puzzles on the computer! Each game or puzzle will challenge the most advanced computer game player! See how much fun you can have playing games while improving your strategy skills.

Cool Stuff for Your Room — CFKX-1308

Learn to have your room make a statement. With a little bit of help from our expert, you can change your room into a space that reflects your personality, your interests, and your true self. Discover techniques that can turn a plain, drab room into a room with function and style.

Crafty Creations — CFKX-1309

Do you need another gift idea or just something to put on the shelf in your room that says "YOU"? This course is designed to help you create gifts for yourself and others using common items such as paper, glue, feathers, styrofoam, beads and other household items of your choice. Be creative, and start your own business, by selling some of these items. Bring your imagination and join in the fun.

Creative Circuits — CFKX-1804

Explore and learn some skills used in creating basic circuits, with a basic understanding of a circuit loop. Students will create electrical artwork and creatures (blinking bugs, drawing robots, and bristlebots) and control the design process, which includes tests and experiments for their creations.

Creative Writing — CFKX-1401

Use your creativity to write about your life experiences in letters, journals and articles. Emphasis on using correct voice, person and tense in writing.

Crime Scene Detective — CFKX-1106

Students will take a behind-the-scenes look at crime, including the reconstruction of a visual image of possible suspects, extracting fingerprints and collecting and preserving evidence. Instruction by local police officials will be provided.

Cross Country, Track, and Field — CFKX-1607

Introduction to cross country, track, and field events. Will learn the various areas, components, and techniques involved within the events. Conditioning will be included as well as types of running (speed, distance, and starts). The students will have a meet to showcase efforts and accomplishments.


Dance, Dance, Dance — CFKX-1307

Discover the variety in the world of dance! From tap and jazz to ballet and clogging, this course is designed to offer an overview of dance. The basic elements of balance, foot and body placement, and coordination will be practiced with exciting music, playful steps, and lots of fun.

Debate — CFKX-1402

Learn to develop and effectively present rational, fact-based arguments on both sides of a selected issue.

Dental Exploration — CFKX-1107

Come explore the exciting field of dentistry! Become familiar with chairside procedures, dental lab procedures, and preventive dentistry and nutrition through interactive learning, projects, and industry-based technology.

Digital Photography — CFKX-1310

Come learn how much fun it can be to take your pictures and see your picture images right away. This course includes use of a digital camera and digital photography software (Photoshop Elements). Learn exciting techniques for manipulating pictures. Learn how to use pictures to make scrapbooks, journals and class presentations.

Divisibility Math — CFKX-1502

This higher-level math class will teach students to learn divisibility rules of math that will allow them to master quickly reducing fractions, divide large numbers, and identify prime and composite numbers. Games will be incorporated to help students gain interest, including card games and speed math card games. There will be team and individual competitions between classmates and other divisibility math classes.

Draw, Paint & Sketch — CFKX-1311

Explore various techniques of painting and drawing through the use of charcoal, watercolor, and pencil.

Drum Beat — CFKX-1312

Learn to play all types of drums. You will be able to play solo and as part of an ensemble. This course will build a basic foundation in rhythm principles. All teaching will be hands-on in a continuous rotation for all the percussion instruments in the class. By the end of the session, students will be performing as an ensemble.


Earth-Shakin' Science — CFKX-1706

Discover the exciting elements of our planet and learn about the rocks and minerals that make up earth. Study topics including geology,astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography. Find out what makes our planet rattle and roll!

Eco-Kids...Going Green — CFKX-1707

We can all make a difference in our environment, while saving the earth and its resources for centuries to come. This class will use games, experiments, and research to learn about ecology. Topics include determining if the air in your community is clean, items that nature recycles naturally, composting, conservation and recycling, and much more. Come have fun and learn about ecology.

ER — CFKX-1708

How do health professionals save lives in hospital emergency rooms? Learn the wonders of the human body and experience setting a broken bone. This experience will expand your awareness of different medical careers.

Every Hero Has a Story — CFKX-1403

Is reading your superpower? Join us to read stories about heroes from all walks of life- fiction and nonfiction.


Fencing — CFKX-1608

Learn about the history and basic principles of sport fencing. Topics include: basic footwork, the parts of practice gear, how to hold a sabre and the three main target areas of Sabre. Students will learn the technical moves with practice and games in a safe, disciplined, and fun environment.

Flag Football — CFKX-1609

This course introduces the basic skills of flag football. Emphasis will be placed on training, rules and skills development.

Fly Me to The Moon — CFKX-1709

Get ready to let your imagination fly and go to the moon! Learn about Apollo 11 and new discoveries that we have learned since first landing on the moon. This course will be sure to get your brain energy flowing and learn about all the new discoveries the moon has shown us.

Forensic Science — CFKX-1710

Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This course focuses on some of the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation

Fractions and Decimals — CFKX-1503

Come review math skills that will allow you to problem solve with fractions, whole numbers and decimals. Fun word problems will assist in understanding these basic math principles.

French — CFKX-1404

This is a course in French conversation with emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking skills. Activities will be based on vocabulary topics of general student interest and ability.


Game Programming & Graphics — CFKX-1805

This course teaches you how to create your own role-playing game. Step by step, you construct each part of the game. If you think role-playing games are fun to play, wait until you start working own your very own.

Game Programming 2 — CFKX-1806

This class is designed for students who have previously taken Game Programming and Graphics. Students will learn more advanced techniques in creating computer games.

Geography — CFKX-1711

This course will explore the geography of the United States in a creative and enjoyable "hands-on" format. Each class will cover various places of interest and what to expect from the local weather.

Geology — CFKX-1712

Work with a wide variety of rocks, minerals and fossils. Play games like Geopardy, Mineral Family Feud, and Geobingo. Watch crystals grow under a microscope. Improve your map skills using maps of "Six Flags".

Geometric Connection — CFKX-1504

Students work hands on in the classroom with various geometric objects. They will construct various geometric objects and compare volumes and sizes with one another. We will create our own architectural structures in classroom and compare and contrast with real life buildings? Does a pentagon surround more square footage than a square building? Let's build together and find out.

German — CFKX-1405

This is a course in German conversation with emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking skills. Activities will be based on vocabulary topics of general student interest and ability.

Golf — CFKX-1610

Come and learn the fundamentals of golf, including proper stance, grip, stroke and playing etiquette. Golf clubs/balls will be provided for use during class.

Got Games? — CFKX-1611

Why sit and stare at a box when you can play, laugh, use your wit, and make friends while you learn Rainy Day Games? Play games like Bunco; Charades; and Win, Lose, or Draw. After completing this class, a Rainy Day will never be boring again!

Graphics on the Computer — CFKX-1807

Create colorful greeting cards, flyers, letterheads, newsletters, and other exciting creative projects while developing your artistic skills using the computer.


Hip-Hop Hurray! — CFKX-1313

Boom! Boom! Pow! It's time to walk it out and bust some moves. Jam to the latest beats by learning basic hip-hop dances, creating your own moves and free-stylin' your way to a funky routine to perform for your family and friends.


Improv — CFKX-1314

Come play with us! Whether you're outgoing, shy, or somewhere in between, you will earn the basics of drama, improvisation (improv), storytelling, and creative expression. This class is great for helping develop real-life skills such as quick thinking, listening, public speaking, problem solving and teamwork. This is a very quick moving active class. Be prepared to be silly and have fun.

Ingenious Engineering — CFKX-1808

Course encompasses the exploration of the history and philosophy of engineering. Explore the main elements of engineering concepts, design, and construction. Hands-on activities and demonstrations to experience being an engineer.

Interior Decorating — CFKX-1108

Various aspects of interior decorating will be discussed and illustrated. Topics include floor plans, color, fabrics and furniture, floor coverings, accessories.

It's My Business — CFKX-1109

Business ownership is a way to build an independent and exciting life and you are never too young to do so. A business can be products, sales or service. Learn how you can start developing a foundation for a business that will only build and grow as you learn more and more about being a successful business person. Topics will include developing a business plan, financing, and marketing and promotion. It's your business, so let's make it work.


Jazzy Jewelry — CFKX-1315

Through a series of simple projects, students will learn a variety of techniques and skills to design and create their own individual pieces of jewelry.

Joy of Reading — CFKX-1406

Enjoy various books, poems, and articles that will be specifically selected for your age group. We will review books, identify writing styles, and enhance reading comprehension.

Junior Ambassadors — CFKX-1110

This course will allow first-year high school students to participate in classes as well as gain volunteer experience with College for Kids.


Keyboarding — CFKX-1809

Students learn basic computer keyboard skill building to become familiar with the microcomputer keyboard, develop keyboarding and introductory composition skills, and increase accuracy and speed.

Kids Cook — CFKX-1201

Students learn the safe use of kitchen appliances and tools, plus basic nutrition facts.

Kids Fit Pilates — CFKX-1612

Making fitness fun will help create a lifelong love of physical movement. Course instruction is not just about exercising, but includes movements to build better bodies. Kids will safely and effectively improve strength and flexibility while learning ways to develop strong and limber bodies.


Laws, Trials and Verdict — CFKX-1111

Criminal laws, felonies, misdemeanors, preteen and teen rights are legal system topics that you will learn about in this class. Participate in the judicial process as you take part in the intrigue and suspense of a modern trial.

Leadership Skills — CFKX-1900

Most of us have some leadership potential. Come focus on the needed skills, sharpen those you already have, and learn some new ones in a fun-filled, yet productive class. Marvel your teachers and impress your friends next fall with your capabilities to LEAD.

Lego Robotics I — CFKX-1810

Master robotics basics in this fun and creative robotics class. Crush stimulating engineering challenges and master lessons on design, construction and programming logic. Come learn about solving real-world problems in a really fun way!


Investigate the properties of various machines (gears, levers, wheels, axles). During class you will use Legos to build and operate several machine models. Show off your project on "Gear-Up Day."


Mad Scientist — CFKX-1713

Study the fascinating world of science as you conduct experiments and learn the basic concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, botany, meteorology and many other sciences.

Madamathamatics — CFKX-1505

Are you mad about numbers? Have fun learning problem solving tips and strategies.

Magic of Art — CFKX-1316

Learn to tap into your creative side and explore the world of art. Drawing and painting techniques and careful observation of the world around us will be taught. Elements of line, form, color, and design will be covered each week. At the completion of the session, each student will have created a portfolio.

Make It, Take It — CFKX-1317

Attention creative kids! If you love to make things, this class is for you. Put your creative talents to work as you make daily crafts to take home.

Managing Your Anger — CFKX-1902

Anger is a totally normal state of emotion. It is a part of our nature, all we have to do is learn to express it in a healthy manner. This class will focus on a set of skills that will help you with controlling anger. Example: What Causes Anger Problems: Stress; Being tired; keeping feeling inside; feeling misunderstood and failure.

Math - Basics — CFKX-1506

This class will review basic math concepts per grade levels and per student needs. This is the perfect class for the advanced student needing additional instruction in math.

Math Quest — CFKX-1507

Come review math skills in a fun way. Explore games, puzzles and activities that make problem-solving fun.

Math, Money and Life — CFKX-1508

This class is an experience in math, money and life. Through games, activities and guest speakers, students will use math skills to learn about the many financial responsibilities they will face as they grow into adulthood. The class will review: earning money, managing a household, budgeting, banking and investing, paying taxes, and preparing for careers.

Medieval Times — CFKX-1407

Hark! All ye lords and ladies - Come forth and partake in the adventure of castles and quests, dragons, and dancing! This class will be a highly interactive, "Jousting" good time!

Mind Stretching Math — CFKX-1509

Having trouble remembering math concepts? Are you a good math student, but want a higher level of mathematical intelligence? This course is designed to challenge the highly motivated math student. A variety of math concepts will be introduced to all students to assist them in remembering math concepts. Learn how to multiply large numbers quickly with some simple addition. Learn Albert Einstein's math tricks on how to multiply any array of numbers and get the same answer 133 and much more.

Mixed Bag of Science — CFKX-1714

Real scientists will enjoy this class. Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Physiology, and Ecology are just a few of the science topics covered. Each day a new topic that will quench your thirst for the new, the unusual, and the joy of science.

Mock Trial — CFKX-1112

Exploration of the American Judicial System, difference between criminal and civil matters, navigating the legal system, and the role that fairness plays in law. Students will play the roles of all members of a trial. This is fast-paced and full of debate-style thinking.

Movie Makers — CFKX-1318

Experience the excitement in making a movie using different technology. Explore movie making by creating your own script, learning how to edit your own movies, and how a green screen can be used to enhance your movie all while building your team work skills.

Multicultural Art — CFKX-1319

Every culture has its own form of expression. You will learn about the history and customs of several different cultures and create many works of art of which you will be proud of.

Musical Theatre — CFKX-1320

A triple-threat course combining singing, dancing, and acting culminating in a performance of which you can be proud!

Mythology Today: Heroes & Monsters — CFKX-1408

Experience the exciting stories of Greek and Roman mythology. Investigate characters like Hercules, Poseidon, and the dreaded Medusa. Explore the connections of these ancient myths and their place in our present day lives. Join us on an Odyssey-like journey to discover how movies, television, video games, books, and mythical allusions throughout our world impact our lives today.


Oceanography — CFKX-1721

Learn the physics and chemistry of the waters of the world's oceans. Discover marine biology and resources of the sea.

Origami — CFKX-1321

A fun activity that stimulates creativity and enriches imagination. Teaches good direction following skills. Student will purchase own supplies.


Passion For Fashion — CFKX-1322

Explore the world of fashion. This course talks about the fashion industry and how it creates a desire for us to own new clothes and accessories. Investigate the latest fashion trends and project into the future. Show your creativity and unique style by creating your own designs!

Physics — CFKX-1715

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand physics! This course offers a fun, effective and totally painless way to learn the fundamentals and general concepts of physics.

Piano — CFKX-1323

If you want to learn to improve your piano playing, you can't afford to miss this valuable class! These are not complicated theories that take countless numbers of hours to learn, they are simple, easy-to-understand principles that every musician should know and utilize.

Piano, Intermediate — CFKX-1324

This intermediate piano class requires prior knowledge of notes, scales, and chords. Students will purchase their own supplies.

Pickle Ball — CFKX-1613

Pickle Ball is a modernized racquet game incorporating skills from tennis, badminton, and racquetball. This class is designed to improve the level of individual pickle ball skills as well as concepts of team play and sportsmanship. Focus will be on rules, regulations and overall knowledge of the game, and teamwork building skills.

Plants, Animals & Things — CFKX-1716

Learn about plants & animals as you spot them in an outdoor scene, discover more about where plants and animals live, as well as other interesting facts. Different animals tend to live in different habitats that suit their characteristics; this is the same with plants, which thrive in an environment that suits them. See if you can spot living things such as flowers, trees, insects, birds and more in our community garden.

Playground Games — CFKX-1614

Learn and play fun outside games and activities! Come get your exercise through hopscotch, parachute games, and other fun playground activities.

Poetry in Motion — CFKX-1409

Would you like to explore, play and create with language? Come discover the world of poetry that extends beyond the elements of rhyme alone. Experience creative thinking, self-expression, imagery, and fantasies through several poetic forms. Find enjoyment in poetry by gaining an understanding of and skill in poetic language.

Pre-Algebra — CFKX-1509

This course will build a foundation of algebraic concepts through the use of manipulatives and cooperative learning. Concepts include algebraic expressions, linear equations, polynomials, factoring, inequalities, geometry, statistics and graphing. Problem solving, reasoning, estimation and connections between math and everyday applications will be emphasized throughout Pre-Algebra.

Public Speaking — CFKX-1410

Grow your confidence as you learn to conquer your worries, and shine in the classroom as a polished speaker! Participants learn through games and contests to develop solid presentations as they expand their speaking skills.


Quick Cooking — CFKX-1202

Are your parents sometimes busy when you need a quick snack? Are you sometimes concerned about what is really in the food you eat? Come join us for this cooking class that will be safe, healthy and fun. Note: A microwave and other small kitchen appliances/items will be used.


Racquetball — CFKX-1615

Learn the basic rules and practice the fundamental skills of doubles and singles play racquetball. Wear tennis shoes with socks.

Read It Right — CFKX-1411

Is reading challenging work for you instead of fun? This class teaches you to enjoy reading by applying skills to remember what you've read, improve your reading speed, and make reading more exciting.

Read! Write! Publish! — CFKX-1412

Stimulate your love of reading and writing by using the writing process to become a young author. Students will write comic strips, newspaper articles, sports announcements, and much more. Different types of book designs, illustrations, and publishing methods will be incorporated in the class.

Reading Explorations — CFKX-1413

Explore the various origins of words and languages through investigative reading, exploratory writing, and fascinating experiments. This class will follow a particular series and include studies from symbols to sciences.

Reading Made Easy — CFKX-1414

A book is the window into imagination. Come with us through that window, open a book and no longer fear you won't be able to understand the words. After this class - reading will be a breeze!

Recreational Games — CFKX-1616

Come join the fun of group games! Challenge your mental and physical abilities with creative missions.


Sand Volleyball — CFKX-1617

Learn the basic rules and practice the fundamental skills of sand volleyball. Emphasis will be on development and improvement of setting, spiking, volleying and blocking. Tennis shoes and socks are a must.

Science Adventure — CFKX-1717

Come learn about the wonderful world of science as you explore a variety of science adventures related to chemistry, biology and the environment.

Science of Electronics — CFKX-1812

A study of the evolution of electronics from the basic laws of magnetism and electricity to the science of computers. Experimental applications will be made.

The Scientific Method — CFKX-1719

Learn steps of the scientific method and conduct experiments using this method. Design and implement your own investigation and document results.

Scrapbooking — CFKX-1325

Use your imagination and creativity to create a new family treasure. Using acid-free, photo safe supplies, colored paper, pens, stickers, and stencils, you will put together a book that tells a family story.

Shop With Photoshop — CFKX-1813

Have you ever looked at strange images and wondered, "How did they do that?" This class is filled with the tips and techniques that you need to know to use Photoshop to create your own amazing images or retouch your digital photographs.

Show Choir with Pizazz — CFKX-1326

Do you like singing and dancing? Then this class is for you! Come learn to sing pop songs, incorporate dance moves, sing in key, as well as how to have stage presence. At the end of your three week session, you will be ready to show your moves!

Sign Language, Beginning — CFKX-1415

Introduction to learning non-verbal communication through sign language. This conceptual approach will develop cross-cultural awareness.

Smart Gaming — CFKX-1816

Students aren't just playing games, they are developing their brain! There will be typing challenges, geography puzzles, strategy and memory games, and other games that involve the humanities like math, science, and literacy.

So You Want to be a Model? — CFKX-1103

Learn the secrets of modeling: how to walk on a runway, make a turn, or strike a pose. Bring your own camera to take photos and develop your portfolio. Promotional projects like freeze modeling and runway choreography will be taught. Star in your own fashion video. Students provide their own video. Young men interested in modeling are encouraged to enroll.

Soccer — CFKX-1618

This class is designed to teach beginning players the basics of the game. Skills reviewed include passing, trapping, shooting, heading, ball control and general game strategy.

Solid Modeling — CFKX-1814

Learn to create design concepts using 3D modeling computer software, SolidWorks. Create and view models from any position to verify and understand design features. Use your problem-solving skills; enhance your visualization skills, and apply your algebra skills as you explore the concepts of isometric projection and break complex parts into simple steps to obtain a design solution.

Space Shuttle — CFKX-1718

This course explores the NASA space shuttle, its fuel, engines, maneuvers, and basic flight principles. Be prepared to launch your own rocket!

Spanish, Beginning — CFKX-1416

This is a course in Spanish Conversation with emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking skills. Activities will be based on vocabulary topics of general student interest and ability.

Spanish, Intermediate — CFKX-1417

Conversational Spanish is for students with some prior knowledge of Spanish. Class will include intermediate to advanced skills in listening, comprehension and speaking.

Speech — CFKX-1418

How secure do you feel? This course provides an opportunity for students to speak publicly and freely on designated topics of general interest.

Speed Reading — CFKX-1419

Learn how to finish your homework reading assignments more quickly and breeze through your favorite novels! Techniques for reading faster and gaining a better understanding of what you read will be explored.

Splish Splash — CFKX-1619

This wacky water class has creative activities that use a variety of exercises, races, games and equipment in the deep end of the pool. Students must pass a swim test on the first day of class to remain in class. Requirements not only include the ability to swim but also tread water in the deep end with no visible distress.

The Story Hour — CFKX-1421

Children will be educated, entertained and mesmerized as our professional storyteller shares stories and tales from around the world.

Study Skills — CFKX-1901

Do you find yourself daydreaming and not focusing on schoolwork? Do you have trouble taking standardized and other tests? This class will focus on study skills as a means of improving grades. Topics include focusing techniques, five effective study strategies and test-taking techniques.

Swimming — CFKX-1620

Instruction in swimming strokes (back, crawl, side, and breast) according to the student's ability. Basic safety skills will be taught.


Table Tennis — CFKX-1621

Anyone for a game of good ol' "ping pong"? Come improve your hand-eye coordination as you learn the basic skills for playing this fast-paced family game.

Tae Kwon Do — CFKX-1623

Tae Kwon Do combines foot and hand movements such as blocks, kicks and strikes into a graceful art form and demanding sport. This course includes specific continuing exercises, basic skills, forms, non-contact sparring, and practical self-defense.

Tennis — CFKX-1624

Tennis anyone? Learn tennis fundamentals, game rules, etiquette, grip, forehand, backhand and serving. Tennis balls, water, ice and a canopy will be provided. You must wear appropriate clothing for participation in class.

Texas Legends — CFKX-1420

The heroes, villains, and daring damsels lurking throughout Texas' colorful past are the focus of this trip back in time.

Toys R You — CFKX-1329

Explore the physics of toys through prediction, experimentation, and production. You'll use magnets, motors and even rubber bands to create your own toys.

Theatre Arts — CFKX-1328

Have you imagined being an actor, wondered what a stage manager does, and wanted to create fanciful costumes? Explore the basic skills and techniques of acting. Come join us as we stage a play from auditions to performance.


Vocal Music — CFKX-1330

Students in this course will rehearse and sing music in the character of a Broadway show.


Watercolor — CFKX-1331

Creative techniques in watercolor painting will be taught in this class. Students will use watercolor paints and pens.

Webmasters — CFKX-1815

Learn to develop and maintain a personal Web page on the Internet! The basics of backgrounds, texts, graphics, links and more will be taught to the students so they can create their own home pages. Web page editor will be used.

Weight Training — CFKX-1625

Basic weight training instruction for boys and girls emphasizing fundamental techniques, safety guidelines, and warm-up exercises. Students will do a circuit station workout to develop muscular strength and endurance. Students must wear appropriate clothing and tennis shoes with non-marking soles.

Weird Science — CFKX-1720

This is your chance to investigate some of the stranger aspects of science. Become a science detective as you identify mystery powders, make invisible ink, and learn why helium balloons explode in cars. All of this and more await you in Weird Science!

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be — CFKX-1113

A scientist? A teacher? An engineer? The President? Research your favorite careers to learn what kind of work you will be doing, qualifications, educational requirements, and the salary you can expect.

Wild & Crazy Math Games — CFKX-1510

This course is designed to help build confidence in math as well as make math a fun learning experience. New concepts will be taught, and each concept is accompanied by a game to remember the concept. In Jenga Math we see who can build the highest tower with the most correct math problems (this is also team building to help students learn to work together). Other games include Memory Math, Wheel of Fortune Math, I Spy the Answer, Beat the Clock, and Beat the Teacher.

Wild and Crazy Games — CFKX-1626

Join the fun playing cooperative games, where everyone's a winner. This course will include a variety of games such as parachutes, pillow polo scooters, Frisbees, bean bags, hoops and floor hockey. Wear tennis shoes with socks.

Word Power — CFKX-1422

Increase your vocabulary through the use of word games and classroom activities. A large vocabulary will enable you to say precisely what you mean and also prepare you for the SAT exam.

The World of Puppetry — CFKX-1327

An exciting introduction to the history and correct usage of a variety of puppets. You will learn to operate all types of puppets from soft to wire puppets. Scripts, basic skills, and techniques of acting will be explored. Come join us as we stage a performance you can be proud of.

World with Geometry — CFKX-1511

Students are exposed to what three dimensional geometry really means. Does a sphere or a cube hold more grains of rice? Will the circumference of a tree really tell us how old it is? Can we really create a ball with just rubber bands and how do we figure its dimensions? We will learn all these math facts and more as we circle the world with geometry.

Writing for the New Millennium — CFKX-1400

Your writing is a window into your heart. With instant messaging, blogs, and other written formats, good writing skills can really make you stand out. Develop your skills in poetry and prose using your imagination as your base. This course will also help you prepare for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

Writing Right — CFKX-1423

Students will be introduced to writing techniques that will help strengthen their interest and skills in writing. Strategies taught will assist with future writing assignments and emphasize the importance of writing in their present and future lives.


Yoga for Kids — CFKX-1627

Yoga achieves a balance of strength, flexibility and energy. This course will teach breathing activities, share circles, laughter yoga, partner yoga, basic poses, and mindful movements.

Updated January 09, 2020