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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Learn to speak, read and write English.

We offer a series of courses to help you build language skills that will enable you to function in English-speaking settings.

Courses are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Some ESL courses offered through our Learning Opportunities Centers are free to qualifying students.

Courses You Can Take

Check availability: Go to the Course Sections Offered by Term page and scroll down to Continuing Education Terms.

Do you want to improve your English to get a degree?

Look at our ESOL courses for academic credit.



Northeast Campus

Janelle Cardenas, ESL Program Coordinator
NFAC 1103A

Northwest Campus

Lourdes Davenport, Coordinator, Center of Excellence for ESL/ESOL
WFAB 1133

South Campus

Eleanor Forfang-Brockman, ESL Instructor/Counselor
SCLC 0308

Southeast Campus

Melody Nguyen, ESL Program Coordinator
ESED 1101A

Trinity River Campus


Updated May 29, 2019