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Wastewater Operator

Quick Program Facts

  • Number of courses: 11
  • Total hours: 424
  • Length of program: 6 weeks
  • Times offered: Spring 2018 is last opportunity for free training
  • Accreditation: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ)   
  • Cost: $2,340
  • Financial aid: TPEG, TCC Foundation
  • Campus: Northwest
  • Types of instruction: classroom, lab and internship
  • Certificate: TCC Certificate of Completion
  • CEUs: 42.4

Program Description

Our program curriculum provides you with the technical skills and knowledge to operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants effectively and safely.

You will learn how to:

  • Produce high quality, clean, safe treated water for discharge to the environment or for reuse
  • Prevent public health hazards from water-borne pathogens
  • Manage receiving water watershed environmental quality
  • Monitor wastewater treatment processes using sampling and laboratory techniques efficiently

The program courses are intended for:

  • Entry-level employees
  • Experienced operators who want to enhance their knowledge
  • Experienced operators who seek training hours toward license renewal

Credentials in Detail

After completing this program, you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will be eligible to apply and test for the appropriate TCEQ licensing exam provided all other TCEQ requirements are met.

TCEQ registration information for licensing

Courses You Will Take

Check availability: Go to the Course Sections Offered by Term page and scroll down to Continuing Education Terms.

How to Apply

Register for the Wastewater Operations–Operator program courses.

Current operators have the option of taking individual courses that can provide in-service training or on-site training.

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

All courses are approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

20-hour Courses: $215

Basic Wastewater Operations

  • Dates: January 28–30

Wastewater Collection

  • Dates: February 11–13

Wastewater Treatment

  • Dates: March 18–20

Water Utility Calculations

  • Dates: March 25–27

Water Utility Safety

  • Dates: February 25–27

24-hour Course: $280

Wastewater Laboratory

Includes student hands-on component

  • Dates: April 11–13

Ready to take your exams?

The Northwest Campus Professional Certification Testing Center offers TCEQ computer-based test (CBT) exams. For a complete list of TCEQ exams or to schedule an appointment to test, email



Northwest Campus

Margarett Williams, Coordinator

Ali Williamson, Program Coordinator

Please call or email me to make an appointment.

Updated February 19, 2019