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How to Register

To register for an online class, complete the following steps:

Complete the Online Readiness Assessment

Online Readiness is a tool that will help you see if distance learning will be a good fit for you.

You must take the Online Readiness before you can register for an eLearning course.


Find and Register for an Online Class

  1. Go to
  2. Select the WebAdvisor link under the Login button
  3. Select Log In and sign in to WebAdvisor with your username and password
  4. Select Students
  5. Scroll down to the Registration section and Select Find Sections
  6. Select the link to the Term in which you want to register
  7. Select the Choose a Subject drop-down menu and select a subject
  8. Select the link for the Course in which you want to register to see the list of classes/sections
  9. Select the Campus drop-down menu (on the left above the section list) and select eLearning Only
  10. Select the check box in the far left column of the section in which you want to register
  11. Select the Submit button to add the section to your Preferred Section List
  12. If you want to select another course: Choose Find More Course Sections and repeat steps 7–11 for each course in which you want to register
    If you have finished selecting courses: Choose Proceed to Registration to register
  13. Choose Register or Remove from List from the drop-down menu for each section in your list
  14. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page

If no errors are displayed at the top of the page,you have successfully registered in your online class(es)!


Pay Your Tuition

Tuition payments are due at the time of registration.

Be sure to process your payment or you will be dropped for nonpayment.



Kathy Burks, Manager of eLearning Outreach and Student Services

Updated May 22, 2017