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Enrollment Requirements

Am I eligible to enroll?

TCC Student ID Number

You must apply to TCC, be accepted as a student and get a TCC Student ID number before you enroll in our EMT Program.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Requirements

You must meet the TSI requirements for college credit courses before enrolling in the EMT program courses.


The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) and Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation Community Standards (PDF)Listen require that all students in health-related programs complete the following immunizations before applying to programs where patient contact is a component.

If you know you will be registering for our Emergency Medical Technician Program within the next year, you will need to start these now because some will take up to 7 months to complete the series.

In order to be eligible to attend class, you will need to have proof that you have completed the following immunizations:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis (TDaP)
  • Rubeola / Measles, Mumps, Rubella / German Measles (MMR)
  • Varicella
  • Influenza (flu shot), current season

Note: Titers showing positive immunity to the diseases will be acceptable.

You will also need to complete a Tuberculosis Skin Test or Chest X-Ray. 

Orientation Meeting Requirements

Not enrolled in the EMT program?

Do not attend these meetings if you are not enrolled for the Spring 2020 semester.

Enrolled in the EMT program for the Spring 2020 semester?

Do attend the following 2 required orientation meetings.

Class Orientation Meetings

If you are an enrolled student, you must attend 1 of the following EMT Class Orientation Meetings.

  • Place: NHSC 1110 (campus map)
  • Time: 6:30–8:30 p.m.

Dates for Summer 2020 Class

  • Wednesday, April 15
  • Wednesday, April 22
  • Tuesday, May 26

Dates for Fall 2020 Class

  • Monday, July 13
  • Monday, July 20
  • Monday, July 27
  • Tuesday, August 18

This meeting will cover immunization requirements and procedures for completing the required drug screening and criminal background check.

You will not be allowed to continue in the EMT program without a complete immunization record, a completed and passed drug screen, and a criminal background check.

Clinical Orientation Meetings

If you are enrolled in the EMT program, you must also attend 1 of the following EMT Clinical Orientation Meetings.

You are required to come dressed in your clinical uniform (white shirt and blue pants) in order to attend the Clinical Orientation meetings. You are also required to come prepared to take notes; bring pen and paper.

Location for All Sessions

Subject to change. Please check here for latest information.

  • Place: NHSC 1110 (map)

Dates for Summer 2020 Class

Date Day Time
June 8 Monday 8 a.m.–noon
June 10 Wednesday 1 –5 p.m.
June 11 Thursday 6–10 p.m.

Dates for Fall 2020 Class

Date Day Time
August 31 Monday 8 a.m.–noon
September 1 Tuesday 8 a.m.–noon
September 3 Thursday 6–10 p.m.
September 9 Wednesday 1 –5 p.m.
September 10 Thursday 6–10 p.m.
September 11 Friday 1–5 p.m.

Get your EMT packet

Items contained in the EMT packet are due the first day of class. No exceptions.

We will send your EMT Packet to your TCC email account. 

Post-Registration Requirements

You need to be prepared to meet the following additional requirements–before the first day of class–if you are accepted to our program:

  • CPR Certification
    • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider
  • Physical Exam
  • Health Insurance

You will learn more about these requirements after you have successfully registered for the current semester and you have received your EMT packet.

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

After registering for the EMT program—but before classes begin—you must undergo and pass a criminal background check and drug screening. These screenings will be administered through the College and will be at your expense.

There are no exceptions.



Northeast Campus

Bryan Ericson, Interim Director EMS Program

Stephen Smith, EMT Associate Professor

Health Sciences Department
Building NHSC, Room 1131
828 W. Harwood Road
Hurst, TX 76054

Updated April 06, 2020