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Water Operator—Distribution

Quick Program Facts

Program Description

Distribution Water Operators focus on identifying operating deficiencies in:

  • Water systems
  • Water mains
  • Valves and hydrants
  • Storage
  • Meters and services
  • Pump installation and operations
  • Maintenance of customer meters
  • Corrosion control

They must monitor these systems frequently.

Water and Wastewater Licensed Operators perform a vital role in maintaining the quality of both the human population and the natural environment.

Our Water/Wastewater Treatment Program is designed to provide you with the technical knowledge to competently perform in the water and wastewater utility industry.

Credentials in Detail

After completing this program, you will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to apply and test for the appropriate TCEQ licensing exam provided all other TCEQ requirements are met.

TCEQ registration information for licensing

Courses You Will Take

  • EPCX-7000 D Water Exam Prep
  • EPCT-1015 Basic Water Work Operations
  • EPCT-1030 Water Utility Safety
  • EPCT-1052 HAZWOPER Training
  • EPCT-1092 Water Laboratory
  • EPCT-1092 Internship 1 Water
  • EPCT-1092 Internship 2 Water
  • EPCT-1092 Internship 3 Water
  • EPCT-2020 Water Distribution
  • EPCT-2025 Water Utility Calculations
  • TECM-1013 Math Basics

Check course availability

  1. Go to MyTCCTrack: Search for Courses & Course Sections—Advanced Search.
  2. Under Term, select a Continuing Education (CE) Term.
    • Example: CE Qtr 3 2021 Mar-May
  3. Under Academic Level, choose Continuing Education.
  4. Select Search.
  5. Use the Filter Results menu to help you narrow your search:
    • Under Availability, choose Open Sections Only to find classes that aren't full.
    • Under Subject, choose a subject to further filter the results.

How to Apply

Get started: Apply & register for class

Current operators may take individual courses as in-service training or on-site at a facility.

Spring 2022 Class Schedule

All courses are approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and are taught on TCC Northwest Campus.

20-hour Courses: $215

Basic Water Works Operations

  • Dates: January 31–February 2

Water Utility Calculations

  • Dates: April 11–13

Water Distribution

  • Dates: April 18–20

Water Utility Safety

  • Dates: February 7–9

24-hour Courses

Surface Water Production I

  • Dates: January 13–15
  • Tuition: $225

Water Laboratory

Includes student hands-on component

  • Dates: April 27–29
  • Tuition: $280

Ready to take your exams?

The Northwest Campus Professional Certification Testing Center offers TCEQ computer-based test (CBT) exams. For a complete list of TCEQ exams or to schedule an appointment to test, email



Northwest Campus

Margarett Williams

Call 817-515-7136


Northwest Campus

Ali Williamson
Program Coordinator

Call 817-515-7136


Please call or email me to make an appointment.

Northwest Campus

Cade Hart
Academic Advisor—Public Services Division

Call 817-515-7289


Please call or email me to make an appointment.

Updated March 24, 2022