Waitlists Available for Certain Courses

Have you ever tried to register for a course—only to find that the class section you want is full and has no more available seats?

Now you can put yourself on a waitlist for a class section that has no available seats. When registration opens for an upcoming semester, the following courses will have the waitlist option on some sections:

  • ARTS-1301 Art Appreciation
  • ENGL-1301 English Composition I
  • ENGL-1302 English Composition II
  • GOVT-2305 Federal Government
  • GOVT-2306 Texas Government
  • HIST-1301 United States History I to 1876
  • HIST-1302 United States History Since 1876
  • KINE-1164 Intro to Physical Fitness & Wellness

What's a waitlist?

A waitlist is a way for you to have a chance to get a seat in a full class section—if a seat becomes available.

Eligible class sections will have a specific number of waitlist positions. Some sections of the above classes may not have a waitlist.

You will be able to see which class sections have waitlists when you are in MyTCCTrack schedule views.

How does a waitlist work?

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in your preferred full class section. It gives you a chance to get a seat in that class.

  1. Registration opens.
  2. Your first-choice class section for a course you need or want is full.
    • If a section is full, you can add the unavailable section to your schedule by opening the section and selecting Add Section. To the left of your schedule, you can see a list of courses and sections. Select Waitlist on the planned section. You can waitlist even if a date/time conflict exists with a course for which you are currently registered.
  3. Other class sections for the course you need or want are available.
    • Register for one of the available class sections—in addition to adding yourself to the waitlist for your first-choice class section—especially if it is a required course.
  4. A seat opens in your preferred class section.
    • If you are first on the waitlist when a seat opens, you will be notified through your my.tccd.edu email account.
    • Registration is not automatic. If you are able to register for waitlisted courses, the Plan & Schedule page in MyTCCTrack will display a message indicating the date through which you have permission to register for a course. The Register button will be available for you to use to start the registration process. After that date has passed, you will not be permitted to register for the course.
    • Daily payment deadline applies. If you register but fail to meet payment requirements, your registration will be canceled, and your chance to register will go to the next student on the waitlist.
    • If you miss your waitlist registration opportunity, you are not automatically put back on the waitlist. You need to check Web Advisor to see if you can rejoin the waitlist.

When does the waitlist option end?

The waitlist feature is deactivated 10 days before the end of registration. Find upcoming registration deadlines.

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Contact 817-515-4REG, your advisor or a member of the Admissions and Registrar Office staff at any campus.

Updated January 20, 2023