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Radio, Television & Film

Arts, A/V Technology and Communications career cluster

Available on Northeast Campus Only

As a student in our Radio, Television and Film (RTVF) Program, you have the opportunity to develop your production and performance skills. Our hands-on approach helps you master a skill set or determine which type of media work you most enjoy and want to pursue as a career.

Topics of study include:

  • Great works from the past and present in film, radio and television
  • Performance, directing and producing techniques
  • Digital video production, non-linear video editing and animation
  • Scriptwriting, broadcast news writing and production
  • Radio operations, audio production and computer-based audio editing


Courses in the RTVF Program are listed under:

  • RTVB / RTVF (Radio, Television and Film)
  • FLMC (Filmmaking/Cinematography) 
  • COMM (Communications)

The capstone course for the RTVF A.A.S. degree program is an internship, which enables you to gain practical work experience arranged to suit your interests and career goals.

For the certificate programs, the capstone course focuses on how to start and run your own media business.

Interested in transferring to continue your studies? See the Radio & Television Broadcasting / Broadcasting Journalism path in the Journalism / Mass Communications Field of Study.

See our students in action

Our RTVF students made this video to give you an idea of what you can learn and experience in our Radio, Television and Film Program.

You can also follow our blog:  TCC Radioactive Radio Program.


Adrian Neely, Assistant Professor and RTVF Program Coordinator

Patrick Hogan, RTVF Instructional Associate

Career Coach: Employment Outlook

Updated January 11, 2017