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ApplyTexas Application Instructions

What do I need?

Before you start your ApplyTexas application, make sure you have/know the following:

  • Email address
    • Responses about your application will go to this address, so make sure it is a valid address you can check regularly.
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • This is not required to apply for admission, but is recommended. A SSN is required for financial aid and some military/veteran benefits.
    • Your SSN also helps process your application faster.
  • Full legal name
    • Use your full legal name to avoid delays in processing your application and other documents.
  • Permanent resident alien number, if available

What if I have questions?

For any help not listed below, you can:

Follow these steps to fill out your ApplyTexas Application

  1. Sign up for ApplyTexas
    • Create an account with ApplyTexas.
    • Enter the required profile information.
  2. Getting Ready to Start Your Application Section
    • Select Start a new blank application, under the My Applications tab.
    • Select Create a new 2-year college admissions application.
    • Open the drop-down menu Select target two-year college – listed alphabetically, and select Tarrant County College District.
    • Answer the question Are you completing this application to apply for dual credit classes or concurrent enrollment at this institution while still in high school?
    • Choose the semester you wish to start from the drop-down menu and select continue.
    • Choose your first school of choice from the drop-down menu. This is where you will select your degree. See following for full definitions.
      • Associate of Arts: Designed for transfer to most major public colleges and universities. Examples of majors offered with this degree include arts, dual credit high school, concurrent high school enrollment, music and teaching.
      • Associate of Applied Science: Designed for learning specific professional/technical skills and to help you to enter the workforce. Examples of majors offered with this degree include aviation, culinary arts, dental hygiene, nursing and sign language interpreting.
      • Certificates of Completion: Part of the career and technical offerings and requires fewer semester hours. Most can be applied toward an AAS degree. Examples include accounting clerk, child care associate, landscape specialist and long term care administration.
    • Choose your first choice major from the drop-down menu.
      • You can view a full list of degrees and certificates on our Catalog.
    • Select continue and then select continue to my application.
  3. Biographical Information
    • Enter your Social Security Number (SSN).
      • This is not required for the application, but is recommended. A SSN is required if applying for financial aid.
      • Many fields on this page will already be completed based on the information from your profile.
    • Double check your school and major choice, then select continue.
    • Confirm your information is correct, and then check the box that says I understand that my permanent address has been standardized and certify this is my correct address.
    • Select save page.
  4. Educational Background
    • Select the Find Your High School button to select your high school.
      • If your school does not appear, select School not found.
    • Add your expected graduation date.
    • Answer the question Are you home-schooled?
    • Select continue.
    • Add any colleges you have previously attended or are currently attending by selecting the Find College or University
    • Fill out the additional information for your time at that school.
    • Select continue.
    • Choose the correct admissions basis from the drop-down menu.
    If you have never attended college, select one of the following: If you have attended college, select one of the following:
    High School Graduate: You have, or will have, graduated from high school by the time you start college. If you earned dual credit in high school and have now or will have graduated, you should select High School Graduate. College Transfer, Degree Seeking: You have previously attended another college and you plan to earn a degree at TCC.
    GED: You have, or will have, your GED before you start college College Transfer, Not Degree-seeking: You have previously attended another college and you do not plan to earn a degree at TCC.
    Home Schooled/High School Graduate: You have, or will have, completed the curriculum for your home schooled diploma. Transient: You are enrolled at another college and plan to take courses at TCC for one semester.
    Individual Approval: You are 18 years or older and do not have a high school diploma or GED. Readmission from prior semester: You have previously attended TCC as a credit student, but it has been more than 365 days since you last attended.
    Dual Credit: You are seeking to earn college credit for certain high school courses while completing high school requirements.

    High School Early Admission: You are seeking to earn college credit while still in high school. Credits earned will not count toward high school requirements.
    • Choose your primary reason for attending TCC and select save and continue.
  5. Residency
    • The information in this section determines how much tuition you will pay.
    • Read each question carefully. If you have questions about your residency status after being admitted, contact the campus Admissions and Registrar Office.
    • Once you have answered the questions on the page, select save and continue to next question.
  6. Custom Questions
    • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
      • If you want to give TCC permission to release your directory information, select Yes.
      • If not, select No.
    • Campus
      • Choose which TCC campus you plan to attend.
    • College Access
      • If you are completing the application with the guidance of a TCC College Access Coordinator, select Yes.
      • If not, select No.
    • Attendance
      • If you attended a regionally accredited college or university for the first time before Fall 2007, select Yes.
      • If not, select No.
      • If you are considered dual credit/concurrent enrollment, select No.
  7. Certification of Information
    • Read the certification of information and select each box. Your application will not be submitted if you do not check the box next to each statement.
  8. Submit Application
    • Write down your application ID number for future reference.
    • Select Submit application now.


For questions about admissions processing related to:

  • Application ID look-up
  • Information regarding financial aid
  • Checking the status of your submitted application
  • Making changes to your submitted application
  • Follow-up documentation

Contact TCC Admissions Processing at, or at 817-515-8223.

For technical assistance with the ApplyTexas application, contact the ApplyTexas help desk at

Updated September 06, 2018