Credit-by-Exam / Experience

Feel you have a mastery of a particular subject?

You may be eligible to use your previous experiences or take an exam to earn credit instead of taking a credit course.

General Information

Am I eligible?

You must:

  • Complete at least 1 full semester (fall, spring, summer) at TCC
  • Be enrolled at TCC during the semester credit is awarded
  • Have successfully completed (grade of “C” or better) 6 semester credit hours at TCC before posting the PLA credit

How does it work?

The successful completion of a credit-by-exam / experience will result in a grade of credit (CR), which will not affect your grade point average.

There is a $25 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fee per course.

How to Request Course Credit

Through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process, you can request TCC college credit by taking an exam or for your experience.

Contact an advisor or department chair / dean to discuss course credit for credit-by-exam / experience. The department will tell you if you are eligible to take the test and where you will take the test.

For details, visit:

You may submit only approved courses for review (see Available Courses below).

PLA credit for credit-by-exam / experience is contingent upon departmental review of your request.

Available Courses


Advanced Composite Technology

Aircraft Mechanic / Technician

Airline / Commercial / Professional Pilot


Avionics Line Technician



Body Repair

Mechanic / Technician

Business Administration & Management

Child Development

Construction Management & Building Technology / Technician

Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

Paralegal Studies

Culinary Arts

Drafting & Design Technology / Technician

Electrical Line Technician

Electronics Technology / Technician

Fire Protection & Safety Technology

Geographic Information Systems & Cartography

Health Sciences

Computed Tomography (CT)

Emergency Medical Technician


Long Term Care Administration

Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRI)


Vascular Interventional Radiography

Ophthalmic Technician

Vocational Nursing

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning HVAC

Information Technology

Kinesiology (For Military Only)

Logistics & Materials Management


Office Administration

Continuing Education (Office Careers Program Only)

Radio & Television Broadcasting Technology / Technician

Sign Language Interpreter

Welder / Welding Technology

World Languages




Updated January 30, 2023