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Our ALL IN Challenge Action Plan

Tarrant County College seeks to increase civic participation of its students. One of the ways TCC will accomplish this goal is by being a member of the ALL IN Challenge.


The TCC ALL IN Challenge Committee includes faculty/staff members and administrators from across our district. The members are as follows:

Bill Coppola, President
Southeast Campus

Sharon Wettengel, Associate Professor of Sociology
Southeast Campus

Lourdes Davenport, Coordinator of Special Projects
Northwest Campus

Misty Wilson, Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences
TCC Connect Campus

Joan Johnson, Chair of the Government and Paralegal Studies Department
Northeast Campus

Doris Jones. Associate Professor of Government
Northeast Campus

Murray Fortner, Chair of the Psychology, Sociology and Mental Health Department
Northeast Campus

Jared Landin, Learning Lab Manager
Northeast Campus

Marilyn Murphy, Instructor of Government
Southeast Campus

Catherine Bottrell, Chair of the Department of Government and World Languages
Southeast Campus

Kristan Foust, Associate Professor of History
Southeast Campus

Voter Registration Action Plan

We will send out campus-wide announcements regarding voting registration deadlines, voter registration drives, and information about upcoming elections.

We will hold at least one voter registration drive each semester, including one that coincides with National Voter Registration Day.

We will host early voting on our campuses.

We will create a webpage that offers TCC students, faculty, and staff and one-stop link to voting information.

We will email voting information and links to voter registration forms to online students enrolled in TCC Connect.

We will publicize voting information on social media (TCC Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

We will have students from various clubs create a voter information guide that will be visible on our webpage and our social media accounts.

Updated September 10, 2020