Virtual College of Texas (VCT)


The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaborative of all Texas public 2-year colleges.

VCT was created by the Texas Association of Community Colleges to facilitate sharing of online courses among member colleges. CEOs and other high-level administrators of VCT member colleges developed the host-provider model upon which VCT operations rest and defined the principles of VCT's organization and management.

Benefits for You

You have access to a statewide online course schedule and will be in classes with students throughout Texas.

  • You are more likely to have access to critical courses at critical points in your programs.
  • You are supported with quality, locally delivered student services.
  • You pay in-District tuition if you are an in-District student, regardless of which colleges provide courses taken through VCT.
  • Your host college maintains a single transcript for courses provided by multiple colleges throughout Texas.

How It Works

  1. You select a course from the local VCT course schedule that meets the following criteria:
    1. The course must be listed in the TCC Credit Catalog of courses. Make sure you have fulfilled all TCC requirements and prerequisites for the course you wish to take.
    2. The course must not be offered by TCC via distance learning modes of instruction. Please see TCC's Online Offerings.
      • This restriction applies even if the TCC section is full.
      • If you have questions about online classes offered through eLearning at TCC, please call eLearning at 817-515-4357.
    3. A VCT course must be approved by both the department chair of the appropriate TCC discipline and the District Office of Academic Affairs.
      • The VCT Coordinator will submit your request to the appropriate administrators for approval.
      • This approval process takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.
  2. Upon receipt of approval, the VCT Coordinator enrolls you in the provider college course and then emails the TCC section information to you.
  3. You then enroll in the TCC section and pay TCC tuition.
  4. You complete the course.
  5. Your provider college will forward your grade to TCC for posting on your transcript at the end of the semester.


If one of your VCT courses has a proctored exam, you must coordinate with your professor in advance to make arrangements for taking the exam at TCC.

Student Support Services

As a VCT student, you have access to all TCC student support programs, services and activities as well as all academic support services. These services include:

  • Counseling
  • Advising
  • Libraries
  • Learning information resources
  • General and discipline-specific computer labs

Some services are available online while others are only available on campus. Visit the Virtual College of Texas (VCT) for more information.



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Updated November 23, 2015


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