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Spring 2020 Payment Plans

Will my scheduled installments automatically draft?

At this time, TCC has suspended payment plan installments. We will not automatically draft payments from your account for the remainder of the current term.

If my scheduled installments won't automatically draft, how do I pay them?

All payments will need to be made manually online.

To make a payment online through the Student Account Center,

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor and click the Pay Now button. This will take you to your Student Account Center.
  2. Select your payment plan.
  3. Choose Pay Next Installment or Pay Off Plan.
  4. Follow the prompts for payment.

Will I get a penalty fee if I miss a scheduled installment?

If payment is not made by the due date, it will reflect in your Student Account Center as late. However, no late fees will be assessed.

Any unpaid balance at the end of a term will remain on your student account and may result in future registration restrictions.

What will happen if I can't pay my installment?

If you're experiencing financial hardships during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are enrolled in a payment plan, you will not experience any automatic drafts for the remainder of the current term.

If you're able to make scheduled payments, please continue to do so by logging into your Student Account Center via WebAdvisor.

Any unpaid balance at the end of the term will remain on your account and may result in future registration restrictions.

Will I be dropped from my courses if I miss a draft/installment date?

No, you will not be dropped from a course if you miss a payment plan installment.

Spring 2020 Refunds

Will I get a refund if my course switched to online and I cannot manage online classes due to COVID-19 constraints?

Currently, TCC is following its regular refund policy. Please review the refunds page for further information.

To request a refund, you must drop the course through WebAdvisor. Once the course is dropped, submit a Tuition Refund Request.

Refunds will be processed by BankMobile within 2 weeks from the date of approval of the Tuition Refund Request.

Will my financial aid refund still be sent through BankMobile?

Yes. Financial aid refunds will still be handled using our normal refund processes.

Summer 2020 Registration & Payment Plans

Will I be able to register for Maymester or Summer 2020 if I owe money for an unreturned library item?

Please note that new holds will not be added to accounts after Spring Break.

However, if there was a fine on your student account incurred on or prior to that date, it must be paid prior to registration.

If you have the item and are unable to return it due to Shelter-at-Home, you may contact the appropriate library to discuss options.

Will I be allowed to register for summer courses if I miss my scheduled installment payment?

The suspension of automatic drafts for Spring 2020 payments will not prevent you from registering for Maymester and Summer courses.

Any Spring 2020 non-payment holds prior to March 13, 2020, and any non-payment holds from prior terms will restrict your ability to register for Maymester and Summer courses.

Will payment plans be available for summer?

Yes, payment plans are available for Summer 2020.

Payment Options

How can I make a tuition payment?

You can make a tuition payment online or via postal mail. Learn how to make your tuition payment.

Third Attempt Rule

If I had to drop my course due to COVID-19 constraints, will the drop count as a part of the third attempt rule?

If the drop is considered an exception to the Drop 6 Rule, it will not be counted as an attempt towards the Third Attempt Rule.

Currently, all Spring 2020 course drops between March 13 and April 23, 2020, are considered exceptions to your drop 6 count. Learn more about the Drop 6 Rule and the Third Attempt Rule.

Before you drop your course, review your options and resources so you can make the best informed decision.

Updated April 17, 2020