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Toro's Tips for Staying Healthy

Here are ways to stay well during coronavirus (COVID-19) and beyond. 

Acknowledge Stress

Acknowledge the stress you are experiencing and allow yourself time to engage in healthy tasks that calm you down.

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Access Resources

You may be experiencing hardships, such as food insecurity or financial insecurity. Help is available!

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Financial Assistance

Food Assistance

Eat Healthy

Take time to eat during your day. Make a decision to eat healthy food that keep you focused and energized.

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Get Up & Move

Take stretch breaks during your day and be sure to get up and move. It is important to move away from your computer or digital device during the day. Such breaks will help you to remain focused and productive.

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Seek Sunlight & Fresh Air

Incorporate sunlight and fresh air into your day. If you have a window, open the curtains. Step out onto your porch and breathe some fresh air.

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Set a Schedule

During times of transition and change, our minds crave order. Set a schedule for your day that includes time for breaks and stretching. Set a time to put your work aside when the day is over and allow yourself to get plenty of rest.

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Updated August 13, 2021