The Story Behind the Cover

Relaunching the official TCC magazine with a fresh look

The full cover image from the print edition
The full cover image from the print edition of the TCC REACH magazine.

The feature story for this issue of REACH Magazine is based on TCC's involvement with the nationwide movement, Achieving the Dream. TCC has made tremendous strides in developing programs and policies that have transformed the institution and increased student success. These efforts were rewarded in July of 2013 when TCC was named an Achieving the Dream Leader College. Becoming a leader college in just three years represents an unbelievable effort on the part of TCC's entire college community.

Achieving Leader College status allows TCC to proudly display the ATD Leader College logo. The logo was an important part of the cover design, recognizing TCC as an expert and leader in the field. We know this status would not have been possible without TCC's dedicated faculty, staff and administrators, who collectively worked to identify student success initiatives, analyze data and provide recommendations. Student success lies at the heart of everything we do at TCC, and is the centerpiece of TCC's Vision 2015 Strategic Plan.

The cover was developed by selecting 500 photographs ranging from TCC's vast programs and students to board members and campus presidents. The photos were hand placed on a grid surrounding the ATD Leader College logo, showing that each of the small parts is equally important to TCC's success. These photos represent only a small percentage of the diverse pieces that work together to create TCC's story.