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A Vision of Success

Goal 2

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Ensure Affordability, Accessibility & Diversity Reflective of the Community

Goal 2

As highlighted in one of its advertising campaigns, at TCC, “everyone is college material.” TCC’s doors are always open to students of all ages and backgrounds, and the College prides itself on putting “Success Within Reach” by virtue of its commitment to affordability, accessibility and diversity that is reflective of the community.


Of all the Big 10 Community Colleges in Texas, TCC has the second-lowest tuition (even with the Spring 2016 tuition increase of $4 per semester hour for in-District students with zero debt. In fact, TCC has been a real value since its doors opened in 1967. Tuition in that first year was just $5 per semester hour…which equals $37.63 in today’s money. Tuition at TCC today? Just $55 per semester hour. One could say that in 50 years, tuition has only increased by $17.37 per semester hour.

In 2014–2015, TCC also completed the work it began two years ago to move to common course materials for all TCC courses. The anticipated benefits were two–fold: first, creating consistency across all TCC campuses and second, to help students save some of their precious dollars while ensuring they would have access to the materials they needed to succeed. Currently, 97% of TCC’s classes now have common course materials selected.


In addition to doing everything possible to make TCC as affordable as possible, the College is keenly focused on making its offerings as accessible as possible, too. The word “accessible” has come to mean several different things over the years but at its most basic, the word refers to something that is available when needed.

High school students and their families are looking for every possible way to make college a reality, which is why the programs TCC offers to foster a college-going culture are so critical. Our Early College High Schools underscore our commitment to this very thing—creating a college-going culture. At Northwest Campus, the Marine Creek Collegiate High School this year boasted 61 graduates with high school diplomas and college credit, plus another 42 graduates with both high school diplomas and AA degrees. This year, TCC also opened at Northeast Campus the Collegiate Academy Early College High School with a freshman class of 110 students. The Early College High School at Southeast’s first class of 118 students finished their freshman year, with another 100+ coming in behind them this year to form TCC’s second cohort there.

Meanwhile, TCC Connect continues to grow and improve its already successful Dual Credit program. Last year, they added three private schools to our list of partners and increased Dual Credit enrollment by 10% to reach 8,600 students throughout Tarrant County. That’s an amazing number of students who will graduate college well ahead of the game based on college credits—as many as 24 under their belts—which translates into meaningful savings of time and dollars going into college.

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TCC continues to be focused on ensuring diversity that is reflective of the Tarrant County community, which means fostering an environment in which all voices from all backgrounds can be heard, respected and acknowledged. TCC’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion continued its work to ensure that the College is creating such an environment, and that begins with training. In the past year, 508 people across TCC received diversity and inclusion training, with 62 people completing the six-week Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion program and another 27 diversity and inclusion associates trained.