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A Vision of Success

Goal 3

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Promote Institutional Effectiveness

Goal 3

Peter Drucker once wrote, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” While TCC strives to be both, meeting the needs of today’s students while anticipating future opportunities for growth and improvement requires TCC to make institutional effectiveness a continued priority.

Improved Efficiencies

A little more than three years ago, TCC established the Office of Process Improvement to help us be more effective and efficient with our time and resources— both financial and human. Since then, 96% of TCC’s employee population has gone through the LEAN Fundamentals class. In addition to providing ongoing training, the Office of Process Improvement is currently managing more than 30 District and Information Technology projects.

In response to numerous faculty and staff requests, TCC implemented a 24/7 Help Desk called Tech 24/7. Since this launch, there have been more than 60,000 Help Desk Calls answered representing a 10-fold increase over what could be handled previously.

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As part of TCC’s commitment to collaboration with and service to the community, the College has made resource stewardship a leading priority. For the third year, TCC is a recipient of the Smart Water Conservation Partner Award from the City of Fort Worth for the College’s conservation of 49 million gallons of water in the last 2 years. That’s enough water to fill 74 Olympic-sized pools. Not only is TCC serving as good stewards of the environment…the College is saving our taxpayers money as well.


Other examples of TCC’s commitment to collaboration with and service to the community can be found in Corporate Solutions & Economic Development, which last year awarded $1,427,209 in grants to provide workforce skills training for 1007 students, including:

  • $499,250 awarded to train Veterans re-entering the workforce
  • $400,000 awarded to TCC by the Texas Workforce Commission
  • $99,250 awarded by the Institute for Veterans & Military Families (through the Wal-Mart Foundation)

To date, 140 Veterans have been trained in Welding, CNC Machine Operator, Advanced Composite Manufacturing and Logistics.

An “optimal environment conducive to quality teaching and learning” is, quite frankly, a well-funded one. TCC’s Grants and Compliance Department have provided oversight for 79 different public and private grant-funded projects this year, representing $16.2 million.

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Professional Development

TCC is committed to the professional development of its people…not just once, but as part of the College’s ongoing belief in lifelong learning. In the past year, TCC has delivered 119,000 hours of professional development to faculty and staff, which included 39,106 hours of instructor-led offerings and another 79,894 hours of 106 external training activities for our people.