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Reinstating Academic Eligibility

You may request reinstatement of academic eligibility for financial aid based on valid mitigating circumstances using the process outlined below. Examples of mitigating circumstances are not limited to, but include illness, job related issues, family illness, death of an immediate family member, or change of major.


To apply for reinstatement of academic eligibility for financial aid, you must:

  1. Analyze and evaluate your circumstances, then develop a long term plan to ensure you will achieve your educational goals. Answer the following questions in essay format:
    • What were the mitigating circumstances that prevented you from meeting our academic progress standards?
    • What steps have you taken to overcome these circumstances?
    • What steps will you take to ensure you remain academically eligible for financial aid and how can TCC assist in this process?
    • What are your long term academic goals and what steps are necessary to achieve your long term academic goals?
    • Note: "I need financial aid for school" or anything similar are not an acceptable responses for the questions below.
  2. Submit supporting documentation. Attach documentation to your typed letter (Medical documents with medical release, employment documentation, legal documentation, etc.).
  3. Submit letter and documentation to Student Financial Aid Services at the campus in which you are planning to enroll, and request an "Application to Reinstate Academic Eligibility."
    • As a student requesting reinstatement for Academic Eligibility, you may be required to meet with a TCC Counselor/Academic Advisor to review your application and discuss your academic progress. An Academic Success Plan will be provided, if eligible.
  4. Submit the completed reinstatement application with attached documentation and Academic Success Plan, if applicable, to Student Financial Aid Services. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. You should allow up to 10 business days for a decision to be made. During peak enrollment periods, review of an application may take more than 10 business days.


  • While ineligible for financial aid, you are responsible for all educational expenses.
  • You must complete your FAFSA and submit all required documents for the appropriate year.
  • All transcripts must be in and evaluated prior to reinstating financial aid.
  • Any outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to submitting your application.
  • An "Application to Reinstate Academic Eligibility" will not waive or resolve any outstanding balances.

Updated April 06, 2017