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Family Enrichment Sessions

Our TCC childcare assistance recipients are required to participate in a minimum of 3 family enrichment sessions per academic year.

These sessions provide useful information and access to resources that will help student-parents achieve personal and academic success.

Family Enrichment Session Topics

Developmental Milestones: The First Five Years

Dr. Larry Gilham will lead a discussion exploring your child's social, language, cognitive and physical development from birth to five years. Practical suggestions will be provided on how parents can help their children achieve their developmental milestones.

Navigating Public Support Systems: Seeking Help for Your Child

Dr. Larry Gillham will lead a discussion on support systems for students with disabilities. He will provide information on how to access special education and other support services (Section 504) for students with disabilities.

Does Your Child Have Learning Difficulties?

Dr. Larry Gillham will lead a discussion on learning disabilities, ADHD, speech and language difficulties, intellectual disabilities, and some common emotional difficulties. He will cover common symptoms and precautions in looking at those symptoms. This session will include some practical steps for seeking medical and educational assistance when needed.

Money Management

Practical tips will be discussed for making the most of your finances as a student-parent.

Community Services: Application to Assistance

Practical hands-on experience with seeking out resources you may qualify for.

How to Balance Life and School

A discussion to help you manage being a parent and a student. This session includes tips for assisting you to find the balance that will set you up for success in your educational goals.

Updated June 02, 2022