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Maintain Your Benefits

You must submit a VA Certification Request each semester to continue using your benefits.

To submit this request, you must:

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select VA Certification Request in the bottom right under Veteran Admin. (VA) Services
  4. Complete the form
    • Required documents can be uploaded and submitted with the request form.

For additional help, read our detailed instructions on How to Submit a Certification Request in WebAdvisor (PDF)Listen.

Forms and Documents

Veteran certifications are completed in the District Admissions and Records Office.

Certification Process

Your certification of VA Educational Benefits is processed as requested, where the processing priority is established by the dates the requests are received.

You should turn in paperwork as early as possible to ensure benefit payments are received in a timely manner. The certification process will not begin until all documents are on file with District VA Processing. Documents can be submitted via WebAdvisor or at your campus Admissions and Registrar Office.

Updated October 21, 2020