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Guide to Fall 2021

Return to School with the Confidence to Succeed

TCC is ready to welcome you back to our campuses this fall!

We're excited for you to meet new people, learn job-ready skills with our hands-on classes, and successfully complete your educational goals.

Register now for classes that begin Monday, October 18.

For enrollment help, visit our campuses, call our Information Center at 817-515-8223, or email

What can I expect on campus this fall?

Know that your health and safety are our top priorities as we get ready to take on a new semester of learning. We'll be offering in-person, online, and hybrid classes so you can choose the format that works best for you.

We're ensuring we have the resources available to help you get back into the classroom.

Illustration of students wearing masks

Mask Guidance

Although masks are not required on campus, you are welcome to wear a mask. If you're not fully vaccinated or have a weakened immune system, masking and social distancing are recommended but not required.

Read our COVID-19 FAQ for more information

Well-being Resources

We know returning to classes after the past year can be stressful and cause anxiety. We're here to work through this together, so you can feel secure and make sure you have support to finish your semester.

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Registration Help

Whether you're continuing your degree plan or changing to a new career path, our enrollment team is here to help you register for the classes you need.

Financial Support

Paying for college can be overwhelming. We have a variety of aid options to help you secure funds for your classes.

Illustration of student depositing savings into a lightbulb
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College Planning

Many of our students are coming back to school with new career goals. Map out a clear path to your career by planning out your college journey.

Academic Support

College is about learning new concepts, but sometimes we don't master those concepts straight away. Our academic support teams help you succeed in your coursework so you can carry that success through to your career.

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Updated September 14, 2021