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Back, and Better Than Ever!

Back, and Better Than Ever!

After being away for 16 months, students returned to in-person classes in August, ready to continue their studies and reconnect with faculty and friends.

Returning student Katie Beard, left, on her way to in-person class after many TCC classes transitioned to online learning in 2020 and part of 2021.

Three students in an elevator car. Katie is on the left.

Katie is a Sign Language Interpreting major. Students in her class practice their ASL skills together.

Four students in a sign language lab practice signing; Katie is on the right

Class is over. Time for Katie’s next activity.

Katie walking down a hallway on Trinity River Campus

But first, a quick hug! Friendships are rekindled after being apart.

Katie and a friend hug

Lunch time with classmates!

Katie and six other friends eat lunch around a cafeteria table

Katie shows off some dance moves at the Intercultural Network open house event at TCC Trinity River.

Katie dances in the foreground, and there are several people dancing behind her

TCC Trinity River students with Coordinator of Intercultural Student Engagement Dantrayl Smith, far right.

Katie and several other students pose with Dantrayl Smith for a picture

Katie checks in on her laptop. TCC students have a new Learning Management System to use. Class schedules, assignments, feedback and grades are provided through the new system.

Katie sits on a rocking chair on a patio, working on her latop

Time to start studying. Katie knows it’s going to be a great year!

Katie, working on her latop, laughs for the camera