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TCC 2015-2016 Average Annual Cost of Attendance

(Academic Year Costs for Fall and Spring)

In District
at Home with Parents
In District
Out of District
at Home with Parents
Out of District
Tuition and Fees
(27 hours)
$1,485 $1,485 $2,322 $2,322
Books and Supplies $1,559 $1,559 $1,559 $1,559
Room and Board $3,950 $8,910 $3,950 $8,910
Transportation $2,492 $2,492 $2,492 $2,492
Personal and  Misc. $2,015 $2,015 $2,015 $2,015
Total $11,501 $16,461 $12,338 $17,298
  • Tuition and Fees: The cost of tuition and fees for a typical student based on enrolling for 27 hours per year.
    • In-District tuition is calculated based on $55 per credit hour.
    • Out-of-District tuition is calculated based on $86 per credit hour.
    • Out-of-state tuition is $205 per credit hour.
    • View Spring 2016 tuition rates.
  • Books and Supplies: The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for an entire academic year.

  • Room and Board: An estimate of what it cost to live in Tarrant County while attending TCC. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances.

  • Transportation: Average cost for transportation from residence to attend classes at TCC.

  • Personal and Misc.: Average costs for expenses including clothing and other personal expenses.

  • Total: Totals reflect nine (9) months of full-time enrollment. The cost of attendance (COA) for students attending less than full time and/or less than nine (9) months will be adjusted accordingly.

Net Price Calculator

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (CB) has made available a Net Price Calculator tool that allows students to estimate the cost and financial aid they can receive at all Public Colleges and Universities in Texas.  Estimate your Financial Aid at TCC by accessing the CB's Net Price Calculator.

Find out which colleges have the highest and lowest tuition and net prices.

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Updated November 02, 2015


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