1. Find Your Pathway

    Explore the 5 TCC Pathways. Find the program and career that match your interests.

  2. Courses & Programs

    Learn everything you need know about taking credit classes at TCC.

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  3. Continuing Education

    Develop in-demand skills to enter the workforce for the first time, explore career changes or pick up a new specialization by enrolling in our continuing education courses.

  4. Lifestyle and Community Learning (LCL)

    Learn something new, engage with your peers, or discover a fresh hobby. Explore our community education programs.

  5. Register for Classes

    Register for classes, and learn how to audit, withdraw, join a waitlist or repeat a course. 

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  6. Academic Help

    Contact one of our academic support services for help planning your course of study, keeping up with your classes or improving your study skills. We want you to be successful!

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  7. Support Programs

    Join a program that will give you academic and social support, so you can transition successfully to college life.

  8. High School Programs

    Start planning for college when you're in high school—it’s not too early. Learn how to prepare for and apply to college. Or take college classes while you’re still in high school.

  9. Study Abroad

    Earn course credit while you travel—in the United States or abroad.

  10. Graduation

    Sign up for graduation and learn everything you need for your big day!