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Full-Time vs. Part-Time Enrollment

How many hours are needed to be a full-time student?

If you're enrolled for 12 or more semester hours during the fall or spring semester, you're considered a full-time student. Special sessions of less than term length comprise a proportionate share of full-time or part-time enrollment. 

If you're enrolled in a special session (such as Wintermester or Maymester), you should talk to your campus Registrar to determine how special sessions might affect your enrollment status. 

What is the maximum number of hours I can take?

Fall & Spring Course Load

Twelve hours is considered a full-time course load during a 16 week session of the fall or spring term. You will not be permitted to enroll for more than 18 semester hours without permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The College reserves the right to limit the course load of any student. 

Summer Course Load

Seven hours is considered the full-time course loading during each 6 week session of the summer term. You will not be permitted to enroll for more than 8 semester hours without permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The maximum credit that you can earn during the entire summer term shall not exceed the number of weeks of your summer enrollment, up to 17 semester hours. 

The Maymester is considered part of the summer term. 

For more information, visit our catalog online.

Updated June 14, 2016