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We hope 2015 finds you rested and ready for TCC’s 50th anniversary year! In our Winter 2014 issue you will learn about TCC’s global REACH through students, faculty and staff who share their experiences and expertise. TCC continually provides opportunities for students to have access to global and international exposure through Districtwide study abroad programs and in all aspects of their diverse college experience.

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  1. Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley

    Chancellor's Corner

    Chancellor Hadley welcomes you back after the holiday season and explains why we have been eagerly anticipating 2015 for some time now.

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  2. The new Early College High School at Southeast campus

    Bright & Shiny

    New facilities, construction and programs across TCC’s five campuses.

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  3. A helicopter awaits in a classroom hangar

    Elevating Key Programs

    TCC facilities open at Alliance Airport. The Center of Excellence for Aviation, Transportation and Logistics has been a long time coming.

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  4. Alan Goben, Ed. D.

    Welcome Aboard

    Allen Goben takes helm at TCC’s Northeast Campus, bringing more than 25 years of experience in education to this role.

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  5. A student holds a mug of coffee and works on a laptop

    Online, Anytime!

    The hassles of traffic, parking and clean clothes for class are concerns of the past for a growing number of students in TCC’s online program, eLearning.

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  6. A group of Plus50 students plays Yahtzee in the cafeteria

    Finding Their Way

    JacQuetta Clayton and fellow classmates find support through the Plus 50 Program, designed to engage students age 50 and older.

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  7. A Kindle e-reader leans on a pile of traditional books

    Creating Campus Consistency

    The price of a college education is now even more affordable, thanks to a Districtwide change to offer common course materials.

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  8. A teacher stands amid her students and gestures towards the front of the room

    Diversity and Inclusion

    TCC is bringing success within reach through an increased commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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  9. Two young teen students, male and female, smile for the camera

    A Sneak Peek Inside Early College High School

    Join students Juarel and Crystal during a typical school day at TCC Southeast/AISD Collegiate High School.

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  10. Robert Cantrell flexes his muscles

    The Path Isn’t Always Easy (Part One)

    Robert Cantrell shares his story as a Plus 50 student, explaining why it is never too late to dream big and go after an education.

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  11. Joan and Priscilla take a selfie together

    The Path Isn’t Always Easy (Part Two)

    Joan and Priscilla share their powerful story of coming from Nigeria through the American visa lottery to pursue their dreams.

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  12. A world map hovers over a word cloud with the names of countries in it

    What Our International Students Say About TCC

    At TCC, we proudly open our doors to students from all over the world. As of Fall 2014, we have students from 43 countries.

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  13. Various mobile phones and tablets are arranged on a table top, each showing a TCC web page

    Social Media: Join the Conversation

    Who’s saying what on social media? View recent interactions with students, staff and community partners on Twitter and Facebook.

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  14. A mobile phone takes a picture of a TCC campus at night

    Social Media: TCC at Night

    Student-submitted photos from the TCC Instagram contest, “TCC @ Night.” View the winning photo and honorable mentions.

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  15. The mise-en-place for a delicious recipe is spread out upon the counter, ready to be prepared

    Italy-Inspired Cuisine

    Recipes and tips from Southeast Campus Culinary Arts. Learn to make Veal Piccata, Italian sides and a dessert.

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  16. A moving memorial monument stands in silent witness

    Honoring the Fallen

    Passionate about remembering those who have gone before, Professor Laura Wood specializes in military history and memorials.

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  17. The New Horizons space probe drifts serenely through deep space

    What’s Up With Pluto?

    TCC’s own Raymond Benge, associate professor of Physics and Astronomy, shares his thoughts on New Horizons and Pluto.

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  18. Tracy Jordan smiles and laughs while working on her computer

    Leveling the Playing Field

    For Tracy Jordan, district coordinator of assistive technology, life forever changed in 2003 with a brown recluse spider bite.

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  19. A CARE team sits and brainstorms at a conference table

    Creating a Culture that CAREs

    With violence on the rise at higher education institutions, TCC is ready to respond with Districtwide CARE teams.

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  20. Two hands come together in a congratulatory gesture

    Faculty & Staff Brags

    TCC faculty and staff are recognized for their individual achievements and awards.

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  21. Christian Childs

    Foundation: Alumni Profile

    A downturn in the economy and the glass ceiling at his job convinced Christian Childs to pursue his degree.

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  22. Jacquelyn Minor

    Foundation: Donor Story

    Working with the TCC Foundation, Jacquelyn Minor developed a scholarship that bears both her name and that of her children.

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  23. Foundation members enjoy a sporting event

    Foundation: Looking Back — Moving Forward

    View photos and highlights from TCC Foundation programs and events.

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  24. A row of headshots of the new Foundation board members

    Foundation: New Board Members & Officers

    The TCC Foundation recently elected officers and appointed five new members to its board.

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  25. White text on blue reads, 'Gifts, Grants, and Scholarships to the Tarrant County College Foundation. 2014'

    Foundation: Tribute Gifts

    Gifts given to the TCC Foundation in honor or in memory of a family member, friend, colleague or other individual.

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