A Sneak Peek Inside Early College High School

with Juarel and Crystal

As part of their commitment to foster a college-going culture, TCC Southeast Campus and Arlington ISD joined together at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 22, 2014, to open TCC’s new Tarrant County College Southeast/Arlington ISD Collegiate High School. The 30,000-square-foot Early College High School (ECHS) includes nine classrooms, two science laboratories and one computer laboratory. It also includes a learning resource center, a 400-seat cafeteria/ auditorium, administrative offices and 250 parking spaces.

Each fall a maximum of 125 freshmen will be enrolled until the capacity of 500 students is reached in 2018, when this inaugural class of students who meet requirements will graduate with both their high school diplomas and associate degrees.


Juarel sits and writes at a deskHandprints made of colorful paint adorn a window paneJuarel receives help from an instructor
Juarel works with English Instructor Jennifer Fuller on an assignment. He says the teachers are very dedicated and accessible at ECHS.
Juarel eats lunch with friends in the cafeteriaJuarel works with a group of other studentsJuarel and another student work on laptops
Juarel works with a classmate on their laptops, which he claims are a lifesaver, allowing students to work quickly and organize assignments.
Juarel boards the school busA school bus parked in front of the Early College High School buildingJuarel studies from a book
Juarel references his textbook in his honors computer information class. This course uses a combination of standard textbooks and computers.


Crystal and another student smile and look at a paper togetherCrystal writes on the whiteboard at the front of the roomCrystal waits outside a classroom door with a line of other students
Crystal arrives at ECHS and waits with her classmates for biology class to begin. Biology also includes a separate class for lab.
Crystal pays for her lunch in the cafeteriaCrystal and frineds laugh and joke togetherCrystal works with a group of other students in a classroom
Crystal works on a lab projectCrystal boards the school busCrystal carefully adds fluid from a dropper to a test tube
Crystal works alongside her classmates in their biology lab. The lab experiment on this day was about spreading viruses.