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Students Share Their Stories

Without Tarrant County College my life would have taken a totally different direction. A good one I am sure, because I am the kind of woman who sees the good in everything, however I am so grateful to this educational institution for what it has given me.

Born in Greece without much opportunity for education, I was fortunate to marry a man in the U.S. Air Force and relocate to the USA. After a few years of homesickness, adjustments and culture shock, I decided to study for my GED. I taught myself English and studied for my GED at the Fort Worth West Branch Library.

Pat, my GED teacher at the library, was so impressed with my GED test scores that she suggested I continue with college. I was shocked and scared since I was never encouraged to believe I was college material in my country or from teachers. She believed in me so much and walked me through the registration process.

My teachers were very encouraging and impressed with my discipline, giving me confidence in myself. After two and a half years, I graduated with an associate Degree in Applied Science as a legal secretary with high honors. Immediately after graduation I was hired part-time at TCC as a senior secretary in the Community Services Office. I had worked as a student worker in several TCC departments prior to this job. I went full time at TCC in the same office after six months and have been here for 30-plus years.

My wonderful job, secured by my education, afforded me the opportunity to live a comfortable life, which in return allowed me time to find my purpose. I could have pursued even higher education, but I had already achieved my impossible dream which was to be a secretary. TCC not only paved the road to my career, but the road to my purpose in life. It was at this college, on Northwest Campus, where I took a yoga class with Irene Benge, who later informed me that because of my affinity to yoga she wanted to recommend me as the next yoga instructor at TCC Northwest.

Since I was already full time, I volunteered my services as a yoga teacher to the Senior Education program, which I later coordinated for several years. My love for yoga blossomed and I have expanded my teaching and established an “Agape Yoga Business,” which reaches international level students. I still teach a free class after work at Northwest Campus.

TCC gave me more than education. It gave me a quality life with a great purpose.