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New Campaign and Slogan for TCC

In planning its integrated advertising and marketing strategies for 2014, Tarrant County College District chose to move in an entirely new direction. Instead of continuing with straightforward image advertising, TCC is highlighting various technical programs and certifications that convey an important distinction for TCC. These programs, more than 70 in total, provide important opportunities for those who may not otherwise consider themselves “college material” to receive the education they need to pursue meaningful careers.

The campaign was designed entirely in-house, featuring photos of actual TCC students in their respective programs at each of the five campuses. The campaign launched in December 2013 with the debut of seven billboards showcasing visually interesting technical programs including culinary arts, fire training, nursing, radio and television broadcasting and welding, along with two general TCC advertisements. Six new billboards debuted in June 2014 showcasing dance, art, robotics, aviation: maintenance technology and professional pilot, and surgical technology as well as online courses.

The campaign will continue throughout 2014 with print media, cinema advertising, mall advertising, sponsorships, radio and television. The advertising is designed to be aspirational, showing potential students that success is within reach at TCC.


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One of the many billboards used in the new marketing campaign

Last fall, TCC changed its tagline from “Tomorrow Starts Here” to “Success Within Reach.”

An in-house group consisting of marketing, graphics and web communications professionals convened to develop a tagline that best describes TCC’s key value propositions including accessibility, affordability, quality and variety. The brainstorming team quickly narrowed a list of 60 possible taglines down to six. Results from an extensive survey delivered to TCC students, faculty and staff showed that among the 3,300 people who completed the survey, “Success Within Reach” was the clear favorite.

“Interestingly, this result mirrored pre-survey feedback the team received and serves as testament to how well employees know their constituents,” said Suzanne Cottraux, director of public relations and marketing. Reginald Gates, vice chancellor for communications and external affairs, said the new tagline serves as a reminder of the difference TCC can make in the lives of current and prospective students.