The Path Isn't Always Easy p.2

Students Share Their Stories

I started at TCC in January 2011 during a very difficult time. I have three children under the age of 11 and am recently divorced. During my first semester at TCC, my grandfather, who raised me, passed away on Valentine’s Day. The next semester my marriage began having issues and by my third semester I had separated from my ex-husband. Through all of my personal struggles and trials, I not only attended school taking at least nine hours a semester, I also held down a full-time job, took care of three kids and cared for my disabled mother and grandmother.

I have a very busy, hectic, wonderful life. I struggle, I succeed, I fall and I get up again. I have thought about taking a semester off many times, but each time I do, I remember why I came back to school in the first place. I had my son when I was 18, two weeks after my high school graduation, which I did not attend as a nine-month-pregnant 18-year-old. I have been told since the age of 18 that my life was over and that I would not amount to anything because I was a young parent. My success is not only that I am a college student, my success is that I have overcome the naysayers, who believed I would not succeed and provide a good life for my children. I work full time, attend school online, I will start at Texas Wesleyan this fall. I have my kids every day. During this busy time, I have never missed a school program, a basketball or football game and have never let them see me quit.

It may take me 10 years to get the law degree I want and I might not even get that dream job, but my success story is so much more than being a student, it’s being a mom. I love TCC and everyone who has helped me come as far as I already have. The professors, counselors and everyone at TCC are amazing. I graduated May 10, 2014, with my head held high and my children there to root me on. When life got tough and I was at rock bottom, I did not give up on my education or our future. No matter what happens, I will continue to succeed and keep my pedal to the ground because I have three amazing people watching my every move. When I succeed and keep going, so do they. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for giving me the opportunity to share it.