Helping Students Make the Jump

Articulation Agreements Benefit TCC Students

Committed to student success, Tarrant County College has a number of articulation agreements in place, that benefit students transferring to a four-year institution by outlining the credit hours transferrable toward a degree plan. Agreements save students time and money by ensuring courses completed at TCC count toward a bachelor’s degree.

In May, TCC and Texas Wesleyan officials announced revised articulation agreements, reaffirming the longstanding partnership between the two schools. Signed by Texas Wesleyan President Frederick G. Slabach and TCC Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley, the revised agreements represent their mutual commitment to making transferring to Texas Wesleyan easy for students.

“TCC students tend to perform extremely well at Texas Wesleyan, in fact, they are often some of our best and brightest students,” President Slabach said. “Along with the revised articulation agreements, our new Smaller. Smarter. Promise Scholarship for qualifying transfer students makes transferring to Texas Wesleyan easier than ever before.”

Chancellor Hadley agreed. “The articulation agreements allow us to build on our already successful relationship with Texas Wesleyan University by further streamlining the process for Tarrant County College students to transfer to Texas Wesleyan when ready, she said. “We are serious about our role as advocates for our students and view this agreement as another opportunity to bolster their numbers beyond the current 50 percent who comprise Texas Wesleyan’s transfer students. We will continue to refine our systems to make this process as easy as possible for our students, particularly those who want to achieve their educational goals from the convenience of home.”

TCC Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree students will receive junior standing and credit for Texas Wesleyan core classes. A student who completes the state Core Complete curriculum requirement for 46 hours receives credit for his/her Texas Wesleyan core.

“This agreement streamlined my registration at Texas Wesleyan a lot,” said Lori King-Nelson, a recent TCC graduate and recipient of the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. “By coming to Texas Wesleyan as core complete, I did not have to repeat core classes such as college-level math.” Another benefit, said King-Nelson, is starting at Texas Wesleyan as a junior, ready to start on classes related to her dual major of religion and sociology.