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Administration Team

Interim Chancellor

Elva LeBlanc

Elva Concha LeBlanc, Ph.D.

Interim Chancellor; Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost


Kenya Ayers-Palmore

Kenya Ayers-Palmore, Ed.D.

President, Northeast Campus

Zarina Blankenbaker

Zarina Blankenbaker, Ph.D.

President, Northwest Campus

William Coppola

Bill Coppola, Ph.D.

President, Southeast Campus

Dan Lufkin

Dan Lufkin, Ed.D.

President, South Campus

Sean Madison

S. Sean Madison, Ed.D.

President, Trinity River Campus

Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales, Ph.D.

President, TCC Connect Campus

Tia Cole

Tia Cole

Chair, Joint Consultation Committee 2022–2021

Shewanda Riley

Shewanda Riley

Chair-Elect, Joint Consultation Committee 2022–2023

Susan Alanis

Susan Alanis, MPA

Chief Operating Officer

Carol Bracken

Carol Bracken

Associate General Counsel

Shannon Bryant

Shannon Bryant, M.Ed., CWDP

Executive Vice President for Corporate Solutions and Economic Development

Reginald Gates

Reginald Gates, M.Ed.

Vice Chancellor for Communications and External Affairs

Blank Face. No photo currently available


Executive Vice President of Advancement

Robert Pacheco

Robert Pacheco, M.Ed.

Chief Technology Officer

Updated August 23, 2022