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Emergency Information

We strive to make sure both our college and our community are prepared for any emergency. Through coordinated efforts between the Department of Safety and Emergency Management, TCC Police Department and Health Services, we’ve assembled information and tools to educate and promote awareness on campus and out in your community.

Know What to Do

Learn about different types of emergency situations and what you can do when they occur.

Emergency Equipment Training

Learn how to use the following in an emergency situation.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to emergency situations while you're both on and off campus.

About Us

Learn more about our emergency response teams.

The Tarrant County College District, and each of its primary campuses, are served by state licensed peace officers. Their primary function is to protect life and property and to maintain a safe and secure environment where meaningful learning can take place. This objective is accomplished by providing proactive patrols, reactive response, communications services, and a real time monitoring center for the District. Additional measures that have been taken throughout the District include training initiatives for students, faculty, and staff; personal safety and awareness programs sponsored by our Crime Prevention Unit; and the use of security guard personnel to supplement our existing police force. Moreover, members of the police department continually receive training to address critical incidents and events. Informational videos regarding critical incidents are offered for students, faculty and staff, as well as safety and security tips.

The Department of Safety & Emergency Management ensures the District maintains a variety of emergency notification systems capable of broadcasting emergency notifications to campus populations. All TCC students, staff and faculty are automatically enrolled to receive emergency notifications, and can access their alert profiles to update contact information, change notification types as well as add additional people. The Department of Safety & Emergency Management conducts training programs designed to educate students, staff and faculty on the emergency notification systems and the actions that they should take for various types of incidents.  Semester lockdown, evacuation and shelter drills across the District are conducted to test notification systems, staff, faculty and student participation levels.

The Tarrant County College Police Department and the Department of Safety & Emergency Management are committed to providing a safe and secure environment throughout our District; and in furtherance of this, we will continue to work with all members of our campus community as well as neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Updated September 06, 2019