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Chancellor Eugene V. Giovannini

In 1965, the citizens of Tarrant County went to the polls and gave life to the vision of establishing a two-year college—now known as Tarrant County College (TCC)—that would serve the needs of the community. Implicit in that vision were the values of equity and inclusion, and for over fifty years Tarrant County has found TCC to be a place where one can find open access to quality teaching and learning. As an extension of this mission, our goals to be student-ready and serve the community call for TCC to also provide equitable opportunities to learn by rising to meet students, no matter where they are.

TCC believes that providing access to education and an equitable opportunity to learn can, and should be, a critical component to the continued growth and progress of society. Therefore, we strive to foster an educational environment that helps students learn, live, manage, and lead in a global context.

To that end, the work of TCC's 3 Goals and 8 Principles (3G8P) emphasizes the importance of:

  • Understanding the context of others' lives as a way of developing a deeper appreciation for those we serve;
  • Appreciating differing perspectives and experiences as an integral component of our learning together;
  • Connecting students to learning, personal and social support resources as an additional way to advance access, opportunity and success.

To ensure that this can be realized, TCC stands firm in its commitment to providing a safe environment free of bigotry, discrimination, persecution and any form of exclusion or judgment based on race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, political affiliation or military status for all those who seek, and provide, an education within its doors.

Even with this strong foundation, we must continue our work. The college's commitment to equity and inclusion is, and should be, a part of the institution's fabric. It is not an ideal to be led by one office, or a well-crafted campaign that can stand on its own. Rather, it is a thread that every member of the college community should carry as part of their work—threads that we weave together to form the college's fabric of equity and inclusion. It is work that is never finished and requires a continuous commitment to improvement.

The college and its board of trustees stand committed to furthering the work of equity and inclusion at Tarrant County College.

Eugene Giovannini

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Eugene Giovannini, Ed.D., Chancellor

Updated November 11, 2021