The main reasons for a building evacuation include, but are not limited to:

What to Do

When the building alarm sounds or an evacuation signal is given:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Shut down any hazardous operations or processes and render them safe, if possible. If an unsafe situation exists that will not allow a shutdown before evacuating, report this to the police.
  3. Close windows and doors, but do not lock doors when you leave.
  4. Leave room lights on.
  5. Take your jacket or other clothing needed for protection from the weather.
  6. Follow the exit route on the diagrams posted in the buildings. Be prepared to use an alternate route and evacuate toward the safest exit.
  7. Exit in an orderly manner, without running, crowding or panicking.
  8. Do not use elevators.
  9. Find evacuation chairs located near all stairs leading to the ground floor.
  10. Do not return to your office/classroom for last-minute items.
  11. Do not re-enter the building until emergency staff give the "all clear" signal.

As you exit the building, the Police Department may use the public address (PA) system on their police cars to give verbal warnings and instructions. Responding emergency personnel will establish evacuation distances. Distance is determined by the nature of the incident, wind direction and public safety.

Faculty/Staff Responsibilities

You should take attendance daily, to account for your students.

If you have to evacuate the building:

  1. Take charge and remain calm.
  2. Ensure all students with special needs are assisted in evacuating. If necessary, have other students help.
  3. Tell students not to worry about taking book bags or books.
  4. Take your attendance sheet with you.
  5. Keep all students together, and take attendance when you reach the designated safe area.
  6. Request students not leave campus in their vehicles, since this can add to the confusion.

If the situation involves weapons, you should raise your hands, palms open, for police personnel while exiting the building. All TCCD faculty and staff are responsible for the safe evacuation of all students and/or campus visitors in the event of an evacuation.

Updated January 12, 2024