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If a tornado warning is issued, you should:

  1. Take shelter immediately.
  2. Seek shelter in a permanent building or low-lying area using your hands to shield your head, if you're outdoors.
  3. Evacuate your vehicle and seek shelter in a permanent building or low-lying area, if you're in a vehicle. Never seek shelter under an overpass.
  4. Move to an interior room, if you're in a building.
  5. Avoid rooms on higher floors or with a large roof expanse, and stay away from windows.
  6. Lie face down, along an interior wall, head covered. If possible, get under heavy furniture for protection from falling debris.
  7. Try to remain calm and assist others who may need help.
  8. Stay in shelter point until the "all-clear" has been given.
  9. Check for potential hazards, after the tornado has passed. Avoid power lines and fallen debris.

The safest place to take shelter from severe weather, particularly tornadoes, is in a first-floor interior room or restroom clear of windows and glass doors. Anyone located in structurally sound buildings that can provide shelter should stay there and not exit the building.

Updated February 13, 2019