myTCC Alerts

myTCC alerts is the emergency alert system used for large-scale incidents affecting a whole campus or the entire District.

You can update your contact information for receiving alerts by logging in to myTCC alerts.

Do I have to sign up for myTCC alerts?

Yes and no.

When you become a TCC student, you are automatically enrolled to receive myTCC alerts by:

  • email, and
  • Phone call, with the phone number you used to apply for admission.

However, if you want to receive emergency alert text messages on your phone, you must log in to your myTCC alerts account and opt-in.

How do I find my myTCC alerts log in?

All current students, faculty, and staff receive an email with a username and password to update their myTCC alert profile.

If you don't know your username or password, choose the Forget your username? or Forget your password options, located underneath the login boxes, on the myTCC alerts login screen.

How do I sign up to receive emergency text message alerts?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. After you've confirmed your cell phone number, click on the Groups tab on your profile screen.
    Screenshot of the Groups tab
  3. Click the Alert by Text box.
    Screenshot of clicking alert box tab
  4. You have now opted-in to receive myTCC alerts emergency text messages.
    Screenshot of confirmation page

Can I opt-out of receiving emergency alerts?

You can opt-out of receiving emergency alerts from phone calls or text messages.

Emergency alerts will still be sent to your email.


Contact the Department of Emergency Management at 817-515-1600.

Updated January 20, 2023