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Study Abroad

Workd flags sphereAs part of our mission to support Success Within Reach for our students, we offer travel-based opportunities to give you life-changing experiences while earning college credit.

Why travel-based study?

Our Study Abroad Program enriches your studies by letting you:

  • Develop a world perspective on academic subjects
  • Build awareness and understanding of global citizenship
  • Fine-tune valuable career skills, such as critical thinking and leadership
  • Become more accepting and appreciative of other cultures
  • Learn a foreign language

When you complete one of our study abroad programs, you will be introduced to and better prepared for successful futures in a global setting. We aim to prepare you for living and working in a global world as a global citizen, where you place your identity with a "global community" above your identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place.

COVID-19 Updates

The well-being of faculty, staff, and students is a top priority for Tarrant County College (TCC). TCC continues to closely monitor travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and is taking measures to ensure individuals traveling on TCC-related business are kept safe and informed.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to assess risks across all study abroad programs and international travel, including professional development opportunities. TCC continues to review guidelines associated with international travel and will make adjustments to safely connect TCC faculty, staff, and students with invaluable international experiences in the near future.

Past Study Abroad Programs

Fall 2019

  • Germany: Language and Culture
  • Ireland: Geology Field Program

Spring 2019

  • Ireland: Geology Field Program
  • Hawaii: Biology and Geology Field Program
  • Northern France and Belgium: Landmarks of Social Memory
  • Paris, France: Dance Your Dream
  • Paris, France: Art in the City of Lights
  • Puerto Rico: Spanish and Architectural Photography Program

Summer 2018

  • Western United States National Parks: Environmental Biology & Geology Field Studies Program

May 2017

  • Ireland: Dance Appreciation Program

May 2016

  • Salzburg, Austria: Student Scholars Global Citizenship Program
  • Paris, France: World Dance Program

Updated October 24, 2022