Non-Employee Faculty

(Dual Credit ISD and Early College High School Faculty)

Who are non-employee faculty?

If you are employed and receive a pay check from another entity, such as an independent school district or hospital, but you teach credit courses for TCC, you are non-employee faculty.

Non-employee faculty are required to be credentialed for the courses they teach.

If you are employed as a TCC Adjunct Instructor, this process does not apply.

Get Started with TCC Systems

If you are non-employee faculty who will teach TCC credit courses or who will teach other TCC courses, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your official transcripts
  2. Enroll in appropriate training

Step 1: Submit official transcripts and additional qualification documents

Submit your official transcripts to the appropriate Dean/Department Chair at your campus or Executive Director for Community Education and Engagement (CEE).

About Official Transcripts

Transcripts need to include all your graduate hours and degrees.

In order to teach at TCC, you must have 18 graduate semester hours of coursework in your academic discipline(s).

How do I submit my official transcript(s)? 

Request your transcript(s) be sent in sealed envelope(s) from the institution(s) and delivered to the appropriate Department Chair/Dean or Executive Director for Community Education and Engagement (CEE).

Teaching in a technical or workforce field?

Submit licenses and certifications if required in the technical (vocational) field you will be teaching, such as automotive.

Licenses and certifications are not required for courses such as biology, economics, English, government, history and math.

Step 2: Enroll in and complete the Faculty Computer Tools course

The appropriate Department Chair/Dean/Director will notify you once your credentialing has been approved.

Next, you will complete the Faculty Computer Tools course to receive access to the TCC Network and these resources:

  • WebAdvisor
  • Canvas
  • Outlook

Enroll in a Faculty Computer Tools session by contacting the Office of Human Resources, Professional Development Team at

Attend the class: When you sign the roster, identify yourself as non-employee faculty.


Contact our Professional Development team if you have any questions.

Updated January 20, 2023